Saturday, June 25, 2016

Photos of demonstration of different Divn/Branch held on 24th June at launch hour in support of indefinite strike from 11th July'2016 at the call of CGCC. 

                                               Alipore Ho

                                           South Presidency Dn.

                                            Midnapore Dn. 

                                                  Bankura Dn. 

                                             Nadia South Dn.

                                                 Birbhum Dn. 

                                                  PSD, Siliguri Branch

Friday, June 24, 2016

A  State convention of All Central Trade Unions and Federations held on 24th June’2016 at State Yuba Kendra, Maulali, Kolkata – 700 014 in support  of 2nd Sept.’2016 strike.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Improtant Notice
     The C0-ordination Committee of Central Govt. Employees’ and Workers’ Union & Association, West Bengal has decided to launch demonstration on 24th June’2016 at recess hours  in support of 11th July indefinite strike.

     All Banch/Divisional Secretaries are requested to hold demonstration tomorrow at recess hours seriously and send photos of demonstration to Circle Union email to publish in website. Circle office bearers will please take care of.   

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

           We are sorry to say that Comrade Bijoy Bid, our respected leader in no more. Today at about 5.00 Pm, he breathed his last. At the time of his death he was 85. He was a good organiser, leader. During his entire organization life he was office bearer of AIPEU, Postmen & MTS, West Bengal Circle latest by Circle President. He was Secretary of Postmen & MTS union, Purulia Division.
         We pay our homage to Com Bijoy Bid and his commitment to Postal movements.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Joint Circle Working Committee Meeting of P-III, P-IV and GDS Union, West Bengal Circle.

     Extented Circle Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Gr. “C”and Circle Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Postman & MTS, West Bengal Circle held on and from 18-19 June’2016 at Tarapada Memorial Hall jointly. AIPEU, GDS took part on 19th June’2016.
     On 18th June’2016 Com Sukumar Mondal, President, P-IV and Com Janardan Majumdar, President, P-III and Dy. General Secretary (CHQ) presided over the meeting while on 19th June’2016 Com Ashis Dutta, President, GDS Union included in presidium.
     Except Sikkim and Andaman & Nikobar Island, all Branch/Division were in the meeting. Circle office bearers were present. After hoisting Red flag and garlanding matyrs’ colum meeting started at about 11.00 am on 18th June’2016. Com Pijush Roy, General Secretary, CGCC, inaugurated the joint meeting. All the Branch/Division (41 Comrades) took part in discussion over the draft paper placed before the house by Circle Secretaries.
     Discussions/suggestions/proposals on behalf of Branch/Divisional Secretaries/Comrades were unique and fitted with present situation.
     The items based on which discussion continued were:--
1.                 Membership verification in case of GDS – our role.
2.               Ensuing all India strike on 11th July’2016 at the call of NJCA.
3.               Problems of CBS/CIS – role of administration and our present tasks.
4.               Ensuing all India strike on 2nd Sept. ‘2016 at the call of all Central Trade Unions/Confederation/Federation.
5.                Formation of Circle Zonal Committee – prepation there of.
6.               Organisational achievements and short comings – from Branch/Division to Circle.
7.                Financial Review.
     Circle Secretaries replied nicely all the points/queries raised by Branch/Divisional Secretaries. Com Nirmal Ch Dey, Ex-Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Postman & MTS, Com Asit Das, Vice President and Dy. General Secretary (CHQ), AIPSBCOEA and Com Sanjib Barua, Circle Secretary, AIPSBCOEA, West Bengal Circle delivered their valuable speech.

     On behalf of president, Com Janardan Majumdar expressed vote of thanks and made sincere call to all the leaders/organisors to take all over preparation to success all organizational program. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dharna program Conducted successfully in front of the office of Chief Postmaster General on 17.06.2016 on CBS/CIS and Finacale related problems at the call of AIPEU, Gr. “C” (CHQ).

      At the call of AIPEU, Gr. “C” (CHQ) under NFPE, a series of progam are being held from Branch/Division to Circle against inaction and indifferent attitude of Postal administration at different tires towards proper implementation of CBS/CIS in Post offices.
      After Branch/Divisional program on 9th June, 2016, NFPE Group of unions, West Bengal Circle held the program at Yogayog Bhawan (12PM –4PM) on 17 June, 2016. The program was taken place in front of south gate, outside Yogayog Bhawan.
      It was a good program having large gathering. Apart from our rank and file from different divisions, Yogayog Bhawan, DAP, some leaders – organisors of pensioner Co-ordination Committee (Central Govt.), Small savings agents association were also in the meeting.
      Presidum comprising Com Janardan Majumdar, Com Nirmal Ch Dey and Com Sukumar Mondal presided over the program. Amongst the speakers were Com Nanda Sen, Vice President (CHQ), P3, Com Bijan Chakraborty, Asstt. Circle Secretary P3, Com Sourav Das, Circle Secretary Admn., Com Manab Sen Sharma, Secretary Pensioner Co-ordination Committee, Com Sanatan Das, Circle Secretary P4, Com Shyam Sundar Dey, Circle Secretary DAP,Com Prokash Bharati, Secretary Small Saving Agent Organisation, Com Annwesha Biswas, Circle Secretary P3, Com Sanjib Barua, Circle Secretary SBCO, Com Bijoy Gopal Sur, President (CHQ) & Circle Secretary GDS and Com Sib Sankar Roy, respected leader.
      From the meeting, a clear decision has been taken to build up united struggle to exert pressure on postal administration to take remedial measures for proper mplementation of CBS/CIS.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Strike notice served and observed massive demonstration on CBS/CIS/Finacale issues in all Divn./Branch of West Bengal Circle successfully. Some photos of circle office and Divisions are given below.

Office of the ChPMG, West Bengal Circle, Yogayog Bhawan

Office of the ChPMG, West Bengal Circle, Yogayog Bhawan

Office of the ChPMG, West Bengal Circle, Yogayog Bhawan

Office of the ChPMG, West Bengal Circle, Yogayog Bhawan

Office of the ChPMG, West Bengal Circle, Yogayog Bhawan

                                             South Kolkata Dn.

Behampore, Mursidabad

PSD, Siliguri


Central Kolkata


Kalyani, Nadia South

Baruipur, South Presidency Division