Monday, February 8, 2016


  Finally.... National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) comprising of Confederation of Central Government Empl0yees and Workers with its affiliate organisations, Railway Union, Defence Employees has decided to proceed to strike protesting the Central Government inaction and reluctance to implement the pay revision through 7th CPC removing or modifying its anti-staff recommendations.

   Already this Pay Commission has been identified as the worst-ever Pay Commission this country has seen.  On top of it, the Govt has imposed several conditions on efforts of modifications even if concerned Departments agree and ready to recommend. Practically, by setting up two committees, Govt has made it almost impossible to bring about any change. Changes are only possible if Govt itself considers it as a charity. We certainly cannot accept that.

    Postal employees have even more grounds to go on an indefinite strike. The way of implementation of CBS and CIS has created a terrifying environment at offices. It is now clear that due to pressure from Central Govt, especially PMO, the entire drama is being staged. The events have already claimed, arguably, lives of some Postal employees at some Circles due to severe pressure and detention at office which aggravated their ailments. In the two-days Central Working Committee meeting of AIPEU Group-C (CHQ) at Chandigarh on 6-7 February 2016, All Circle Secretaries raised voices against Department's unilateral and unbelievable extortion of staffs to make CBS functional. The grievance was so strong that even the Pay Commission issues appeared secondary. We from West Bengal Circle strongly demanded country-wide cease-work and strike, even if other departments do not join. 

 Tomorrow, our Circle Unions are holding an extended Circle Working Committee wherein all Divisional Secretaries and Circle Office bearers will be present. We shall certainly finalise programs to protest against Circle Administration on our own issues as well as discuss the plan of making the strike an all-time record.

   Comrades, grievances are there, everybody is eager to protest the present Jungle-Raaj. Our task is to shape the grievance and protest to be manifested through the strike. So.... come on..... if they understand only in that way, let it be so.    

Friday, February 5, 2016

       As one of the noble responsibilities of belonging to the working class, Coordination Committee of Central Govt Employees and Workers, West Bengal, stretches its hands to provide some relief to the jobless labourers of Tea-Gardens of West Bengal. The death toll of such labourers is around 200 now, hundreds more are suffering with hunger, malnutrition and diseases.
     The CGCC team led by Comrades Tapan Dasgupta, Manisha Majumder (Jt.Convener, Working Women's Cell) and Partha Guha (Organising Secretary, CGCC) was supported by Comrades Nanda Sen, Uttam Sarkar from Postal, from Income Tax and other local trade union leaders. The team of about 40 comrades visited Red Bank and Surendranagar Tea Gardens of Dooars area. The team had kitchen bags to distribute with Rice, edible oil, Milk, Soyabean, spices etc.
    Kitchen bags were handed over to 850 families in Red Bank Tea Garden and 236 in Surendranagar Tea Garden. Both these Tea Gardens are closed since long. The jobless workers thanked for the relief, but urged to support and move for opening the Gardens as they want food for their toil, not as relief. They want their dignity of earning back.
    CGCC and affiliates are fighting for their cause and condemns the inaction and reluctance of both Central and State Governments. The owners of these Tea Gardens are not unfed, nor they are suffering. In the name of reopening, they take loans but divert their investments elsewhere. In 2007, 31 Tea Gardens were closed, but the Left Front Govt promptly and effectively took up the issue. 30 Tea Gardens were opened. What are the governments in power doing now? What is the cost of the lives of hundreds of labourers and their families?
   Comrades, we should raise our voices with these questions now. Build up more movements and social awareness against this inhuman face of the Govt. Please continue collecting funds so that we can reach out more tea gardens in coming days.           

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


  Comrade Debajyoti Gupta, former Vice-President of our Group-C Circle Union, has retired on superannuation on the last day of the first month of the year 2016. He joined this department in the year 1981 at Barrackpore H.O. under North Presidency Division, and left it after 35 years full of colours of various array of struggles from the platform of our organisation.

    More familiar to all of us as 'Debu da', he became Divisional Secretary, Group-C, at a tender age in 1989 through a struggle of ideology. Under his leadership, North Presidency became one of the prolific organisations in our Circle. With him as the leader, his division discharged responsibilities of holding first ever Part-time & Contingent-paid Workers' Convention in India, first Circle Conference of ED Union at Sodepur (erstwhile AIPEDEU after being separated from P-III in 1995), first Circle Conference of AIPSBCOEA, Joint Biennial Circle Conference of our P-III, P-IV & ED unions in 2003, first Circle Technology Convention and first Working Women Convention of West Bengal Circle. He also led the divisional organisation to financially contribute generously to Calcutta Postal Club and CGCC, West Bengal.

   An academic scholar who did not actually care to pursue his own career, he himself graced the Group-C Circle Union firstly as Assistant Circle Secretary, then as Vice-President. The Circle Union and many young organisers were enriched by his wisdom, guidance and contributions. He was one of the very few leaders who contributed both intellectually to progress our ideology and in day-to-day functions of the union.   
On the dais of Circle Conference, Suri (standing extreme left) 

   Comrade Debajyoti Gupta gave away the post of Divisional Secretary to new generation leaders in the year 2008. He again voluntarily offered his post in Circle Union for inclusion of younger comrades during last Circle Conference at Suri, Birbhum during 1-4 November 2015.

  The Circle Conference sincerely and humbly acknowledges his contributions and wishes him the best but not rest for the coming days, as we request him to extend more time to the organisation. We are sure that the 'Postal Family' where he belongs to, with his wife Comrade Manisha Gupta --- still in service in North Presidency Division and daughter Comrade Dipanwita Gupta Bandpadhyay, who was our colleague just a couple of years back and now in Ranchi, would inspire him more to remain in touch with us.


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Circle Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Postmen & MTS  will be held on 9th Feb.'2016. All Divn. / Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting positively. 

Monday, February 1, 2016


Badge wearing program will be held on 5-2-2016. Specimen of Badge is given here. All Branch / Division ( Expect Kolkata Branch / Division ) are requested to make sure of printing of this badge as per their requirement. Please hold this program with extreme seriousness.

The Extended Circle Working Committee Meeting will be held on 9th Feb.'2016. All Divn. / Branch Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting positively. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

After completion of Successful program held on 29.01.2016, next phase of program declared by  NFPE , Group of Union, West Bengal Circle

1.   5.02.2016 :  Badge wearing at all Post Offices.
2. 11.02.2016 :  Demonstration at all Divisional Office

  All Divisional Secretary & Circle Office bearer are requested to approach Central Govt. Pensioner.s Association & Small Savings Agents Association to participate & make the program grand success.

A successful 4 hours Dharna ( 1 PM to 5 PM) in front of Yogayog Bhawan, O/O the Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle has conducted today i.e. 29th January'2016 by NFPE group of union, West Bengal Circle against implementation of CBS/CIS/Parcel Hub without proper infrastructures, non filling of GDS post, Non payment of Arrears to part time casual and contingent paid workers and other burning issues. Pensioner co-ordination and Small Saving Scheme Agent Association has also participated in this dharna program.All leaders of NFPE , The Co-ordination Committee of Central Govt. Employees' and Workers Union and Association, West Bengal ,  Pensioner Co-ordination Committee and Small Saving Scheme Agent Association addressed the dharna meeting. They nicely described the problem.


Thursday, January 28, 2016


       Core Banking Solution is a real bliss for the investors in financial sectors. Banks in our country has implemented it over the years, with proper infrastructure and training. Our department is also implementing it, without planning, without infrastructure and with inadequate training. The administration of West Bengal Circle has decided to show a deaf ear to the cries of the staff. Circle Union wrote letters, demanded discussion and reasonability. Nothing has turned out yet.

     As per the decision of Circle Unions, join the sit-in demonstration in front of Yogayog Bhavan tomorrow from 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. to protest against manner of implementation of CBS, unscientific experiments with parcel hub, inaction on recruitment issue and payment of Part-time workers.   
    Come and join to demonstrate en masse he anguish and grievance against the unilateral action of Circle Administration.
(Cartoon and poster by courtesy : palegacy and facebook)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

    One urgent meeting of NFPE group of Union, West Bengal Circle with  Circle Office Bearer & Divisional Secretaries surrounding Kolkata held on 25.01.2016 at Tarapada Memorial Hall. Com. Anwesa Biswas, Com. Sanatan Das, Com. Bijay Gopal Sur & Com. Goutam Kundagrami Circle Secretary Gr-C, Postman & MTS, GDS-NFPE & Parttime, Contingent paid, DRM respectively & Divisional Secretary/ Office Bearer of North Kolkata, South Kolkata, Howrah, North Presidency, South Presidency, RLO, Alipore, PSD-Kolkata, Central Kolkata, South Hoogly, Foreign Post, Kolkata GPO, East Kolkata, Barabazar with Circle Office Bearer were present the said meeting. 
Decision of the meeting are as follows:-
1. Four hours ( 1 PM to 5 PM) dharna will be held in front of Yogayog Bhawan on 29.01.2016 demanding implementation of CBS with proper infrastructure, Proper functioning of Parcel Hub, Recruitment of all vacant post including GDS, Regular payment of wage at revised of Parttime Contingent paid. All Divisional Secretary & Circle Office bearer are requested to make the program grand success with huge gathering of staff/members. Pensioner's Association , Small Savings Agents Association  are also approached  to participate the program.

2. Extended Circle Working Committee meeting of Gr.-C, Postman & MTS, GDS-NFPE will be held on 9.02.2016. All Divisional Secretary & Circle Office Bearer are requested to book the ticket to attend the said meeting.