Thursday, September 11, 2008


The Department has issued orders for 'Re-introduction of Short Duty Staff Scheme' vide No.37-40/2007-SPB-I dated 14.08.2007. The age limit is 65 years. But such engagement is restricted to peak hour traffic in postal and RMS offices when workload is more than 50% of normal load. In addition during seasonal spell of work like Christmas etc also they can be employed. The engagement is permissible for a maximum of 5 hours continuously per day or two spells of 3 hours per day but not more than 60 hours per person per month. Rate of remuneration is Rs.16.40 at present but reviewed as and when the PA/SA scale is revised. They should not be engaged in cash handling and sensitive work.

This orders are released due to the constant approach of the General Secretary P3 [NFPE] for engagement of SDPAs against acute shortage as was agreed upon during the indefinite strike withdrawal negotiations held between the Department and the Staff Side in April 2007.

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