Monday, November 23, 2009


The Circle Office issued an order on 12.11.2009 to initiate disciplinary action against 12 Circle Office Bearers of RMS Group-C union for sitting in a hunger fast at the C.O. on 03.11.2009 protesting merger of RMS offices. The order itself excluded the names of two Circle Secretaries (R-III & R-IV), although they also participated in the program, to differentiate among the staff-side from within.

But all the Postal Circle Unions federated under NFPE reacted instantly and vehemently against the order and all the divisions and branches sent a savingram in unison to the Circle Head on 18.11.2009 demanding withdrawal of the order. On 19.11.2009, all the Branch and Divisional unions under Kolkata City gathered in huge number at the C.O. to serve the Circle Head an ultimatum of 24 hours to withdraw the order dated12.11.09 unconditionally. Simultaneously, all the Divisions of Postal and RMS unions, Administrative union, DA(P) and DPLI unions ensured that entire staff-side proceeds to a circle-wide 'WORK-TO-RULE' and 'NON-COOPEARTION' from 23.11.09 --- Monday. All comrades working as system assistants on their way to New Delhi to attend the Technology Seminar convened by NFPE were communicated and also took their preparation to participate in work to rule on coming back. The CHQ and the Federation leadership apprised the Directorate of the obstinacy of the Circle Head.

Finally, feeling the heat of the situation and the overpowering pressure of the staff-unity, the Circle Head withdrew the order in the evening of 19.11.2009.

Comrades, we watch this retreat as a victory of the postal workers' unity and congratulate you all for the timely reaction and instant retaliation. Keeping the inaction of the Circle Administration in view, we are calling upon you to get prepared with all seriousness as we have put the Circle Administration under one month's ultimatum since 12th November 2009. Already programs have been declared for January 2010 if there are no visible action in favour of the staffs. So let us get ready for a bigger struggle.

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