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Dear Comrades,
                                 In front of the increasing atrocities of the administration and anti-staff actions with reluctance in treatment of the staff demands, the Circle Unions have served a resolution and a memorandum to the Chief PMG with copies to the Regional PMGs, stipulating a timeframe demanding visible action.
                               All Divisional Secretaries are requested to adopt same resolution from the demonstration scheduled on 11.6.2010 and send to the ChPMG & respective PMG through e-mail or fax. Along with that, all strike demands should also be highlighted from the demonstration. 

This huge demonstration of NFPE group of union ( including EDE union ) expresses its strong resentment over the inaction and indifference of Administration of different tires of the Circle to settle grave problems of the staffs. The problems have been brought to the notices of postal administration in times but nothing resulted so far.
Therefore, this joint demonstration once again resolves in continuation of previous resolution dated 12.11.2009 , that for the true interest of the department as well as for the well- being of the Postal family, the following demands have to be given due importance. If no effective and visible result is noted within a period of fort night time from the date of this resolution, the demonstration declares that the organizations will take vigorous and unprecedented course of trade union action like continuous demonstration over the circle, pen –down strike and offensive programme for which the postal administration, will be responsible.

Demands :
1. Immediate action to fill up all departmental vacancies like residual vacancies after clear and transparent calculations and all vacant GDS posts in RMS / Post Offices also. Fill up all MSE Posts ( Multi Skilled Employees ) in RMS/ MMS.

2. Provide for immediate action for revision of wages ( with arrears ) from 1.1.2006 as per 6th Pay Commission and grant of installments of DA as due in case of part time / Contingent paid staffs.

3. Stop closure and merger of RMS offices. Immediate review, as per written agreement in between the staff side and the administration side at all India level to reopen the Barasat and Bandel RMS.

4. Stop introduction of private vehicles and engagement of drivers from private agencies.

5. Arrange for immediate filling up of all the vacancies in CO / RO level, specially in RO, North Bengal.

6. Immediate implementation of MACP in all Wings of West Bengal Circle. And also immediate approval to the branches like Kolkata GPO, Barabazar H.O where preliminary process has already been completed by the local authority towards implementation of MACP.

7. Proper infrastructure on topmost priority for NREG scheme keeping in mind the worst situation most of the offices having been facing regularly in this sector.

8. Stop punishment on innocent Postal Accounts Employees and staffs of Asansol Division on flimsy grounds in Ranjganj fraud case and allow the Disciplinary Authority to act impartially and independently.

9. Immediate stoppage of working beyond 8 hours in various divisions particularly in case of Group – D and System Asstt.

10. Ensure proper infrastructure like supply of sufficient Computers , Printers etc for perfect computerization in the interest of services.

11. Stop curtailment in numbers of beats and delivery sets in the name of Project Arrow. Stop combination of beats.

12. Ensure proper and rational manning of PLI / RPLI related sections of the C.O.

13. Stop curtailment of work in DPLI in the name of re-organisation.

14. Conversion of all delivery post offices in Kolkata into nodal offices for smooth functioning of speed post delivery branch.

15. Immediate review of present establishment of Fgn. Post Kolkata considering the present heavy work load.

( President of the Meeting )

Copy to : 1 Chief Postmaster General , West Bengal Circle.

2. The Postmaster General , Kolkata / South Bengal / North Bengal & Sikkim Region

==========Copy of Memorandum (for information)==========

NFPE Group of Unions & AIPEDEU
Bengal Circle
37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata – 13.

No: PC- 25/ Joint Movement Dated 28.05.2010.

Sri S K. Chakraborty
Chief Postmaster General
West Bengal Circle
Yogayog Bhawan,Kolkata-700012

Today’s huge demonstration of all cross sections of Postal Employees observes with deep anguish and concern that over recent period, a section of Administration at every tier in this Circle is gradually resorting to an autocratic, inhuman and atrocious attitude towards the staff, particularly when they are demonstrating in their justified and legitimate demands. Series of events can be cited as references, among which we are mentioning some herein below.

In North Presidency Division, staffs were demonstrating in their justified demands on 8th February 2010 observing usual formalities. Unfortunately, rather than resolving their burning problems through discussions the Divl SSPOs acted in such a way that our staffs including ladies were brutally lathicharged by the police. Such incident was unprecedented so far we can recall. While the higher level police administration admitted that it was a blunder on their part, our divisional administration is exhibiting as if nothing serious had happened. They are still opening up new aggressions on the staff in the shape of disciplinary proceedings etc. on fictitious grounds.

At Alipore H.O., the present Sr. Postmaster is reigning with jungle rules. He does not bother to care departmental rules & regulations. Categorical instances have been brought to the notice of the Circle & Regional Administration and they have also verbally agreed with our points/ arguments.

In Darjeeling Division, the Divisional Supdt himself is playing at the hands of our rival union. He has abused his chair to favour them in the process of recent membership verification. Our divisional union has objected times but no tangible change as yet.

RMS offices like Barasat & Bandel are being abolished beyond norms. Despite clear agreement between the staff side & the administrative side to review the cases of those two offices, our circle administration is still reluctant for reasons best known to them. Ignoring our views, circle administration is introducing outsourcing by hiring private mail vans.

In the name of settling the Raniganj fraud case, the innocent staffs of Asansol & Director of Accounts (Postal) are being unnecessarily harassed.

In Howrah division, the SPM, Shibpur Bazar S.O. detected and restricted an effort to defraud an MIS account. But unfortunately he has been rewarded with charge sheet. So the fundamental question is who will dare to bring such instance in light in future? The miscreants would obviously be encouraged --- isn’t it? In Purulia division, two staffs applied for retention. But the regional administration adopted an intrigue so that they can stay even if the retention has not been formally granted. To us, such favour was only extended as they belonged to our rival union. In Murshidabad Division, the authority has issued tenure memo completely dictated by our rival union. The concerned memo is not only irregular but also a clear case of favoritism to the members of our rival union at the cost of the interest of our members. At present the divisional authority is shouldering no responsibility to the objections raised by our divisional union.

Needless to elongate the list, we have made numerous correspondences with respective Regional & Circle Administration. But in every case they are shirking their responsibility to take an impartial & reasonable stand. We always wanted to resolve the complications through on-table discussions, but it appears that our Regional & Circle Administration desire the contrary.

This perspective has compelled us to gather here in huge number to record our protest against the autocracy and vindication manifested by a section of administration. This demonstration also strongly demands to withdraw all vindictive actions already taken by the postal authority at various branches / divisions / regions . If the administration does not take its lesson from today’s huge demonstration and act immediately as per our demand and refrain itself further from such inaction, we would be having no option but confrontation by all means, for which, the administration will only be responsible.

(B.G.Sur) (N.C.Dey) (J.Majumdar)
Circle Secretary, P-ED Circle Secretary, P-IV Circle Secretary, P-III

(P.Bhattacharya) (S.Chakraborty) (S.Bardhan)
Circle Secretary, Admin. Union Circle Secretary, R-IV Circle Secretary, R-III

(S.Mukherjee) (S.Bhattacharya)
Circle Secretary, DPLI Circle Secretary, DA(P)

Copy to : The Postmaster General , Kolkata / South Bengal / North Bengal & Sikkim Region.

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