Friday, July 16, 2010

Receiving  Problem   eMOs
not Received
First use the request resend option in divisional administrator
web login . If the eMOs are still not received, please forward the log  and  error  log folders &  RXD  folder  for  analysis  to  CEPT, Mysore.
eMOs not Transmitted and
Zip   File   pending   outside
TXD1 folder or
eMOs    not     available     for tracking
Please check whether your office is available in the Registered
Offices  list   of   not.   If   not   available   then   please  do   web registration and client registration.

If available then please forward the following items to CEPT, Mysore.
1. Latest Backup of eMO database.
2. Latest Copy of TXD, LOG and ERROR LOG folders from eMO
client folder.
3. List of PNR numbers which were not transmitted.
eMOs  Transmitted  but  not
available for tracking
Check whether your office is available in the Registered Offices
list of not. If not available then please do web registration and client registration. Registration Procedure

1. Do the web registration using Hardward change (if possible)
not possible ok get the correct userid and password.
2. Run the emoResetRegistration exl file in emoclinet machine using script tool (it will reset the existing client registration).
3. Try to register the emoclient using the user id and password.
4. Ensure that the security certificate is registered already.

If the above information where carried on properly the office will be registered. If it is registered it should appear in the emo website in registered offices list

Then wait for a day. Still the emos are not available for tracking please forward the following items to CEPT, Mysore.,

1. Backup of eMO database.
2. Copy of TXD, LOG and ERROR LOG folders from eMO client folder.
3. List of PNR numbers which were not transmitted.
eMO   is   not   available   for
Please check whether the pincode is available by searching in
Tools->   eMOoffices.   If   not   available   run   eMOOffices   and eMOPincodes scripts available in with latest release.
Office      Pincode      is       not
Run eMOOffices  and  eMOPincodes  scripts  available  in  latest
eMO   redirected   but   not
showing     in      tracking      as redirected
If you are unable to redirect the eMO then please send the eMO
database  backup  and  TXD     folder  to  CEPT  intimating  PNR

Paid  data  not  updated  in
Central Server
Use the disaster recovery option available in new version (Latest
version) to update paid information.
While          running          eMO
Communication      error      is coming   Application   failed to initialize properly
The .net framework might have been corrupted.  Uninstall and
reinstall .net framework.
Error while printing eMO
Booking       eMO       is       not available
Click  on MO Details  button  in Tools  ->Printing of eMOs and
select the PNR Number to be printed
Error      in      Communication
Server      encountered      an internal error. To get more info turn on customErrors in the server's config file."
This error is due to installation of old eMO client(6.5). Reinstall
eMO client using the latest version.
When   submit   account   is
tried  to  perform  at  node, there appears an error---   " Run              Time               error
2147217900(80040e14) Microsoft   odbc   sql   server driver(sql server)  could  not find       stored       procedure. Na_get_emo_emo_smsfee" then     on      click,      another screen   appears   with   run time         error         440          -- automation error.
You  are  using  beta  version  of  Meghdoot  6.5.  Uninstall  the
application and install from latest version.
CRC Mismatch error in error
log file   or Unzipping error/ wrong          local           header signature / So many files are pending  outside  the  RXD1 folder
Please try the following

1. Stop the emo client application if running.
2. Open the RXD folder in eMO client installation path.
3. Select details option in View menu on the top of explorer. (View->details). All files will be shown with file type and date modified.
4. Sort the files by modified date (Click on date modified column once or twice).
5. Select and cut the oldest zip file (single file) and copy into to separate folder on desktop. (This file might be corrupted).
6. Start the eMO client application.
7. Check the eMO after 10-15 minutes. Still problem is not solved
Send the RXD folder to CEPT.
eMO  not  transmitted  from
Central Server
The eMOs will be transmitted only if the destination office calls the central server. Ask the destination office to call the central
server. In case of any communication problems at their end they can contact CEPT Mysore.

eMO   office   name   is   not
available in the List of eMO Registered Offices.
Your  office  might  have  been  deactivated.  Please  do  web
registration and client registration to activate the same.
eMOs    are    Received    but
booked     eMOs     are     not transmitted  and  the  office name  is  not  in  registered offices list
If an office is deactivated, during the deactivated period the
office will receive eMOs but the eMOs booked at the office will not be updated at the central server. Please do web registration and client registration of the office.  Details refer point number
The directory or files could not  be  created...  error  in
error log file. / So many files are   pending   outside   the RXD1 folder

The error may be due to lack of space in the installation drive. Please do the following
1. Remove the unwanted files from the drive where emoclient is installed.
2. Move the old files inside RXD1 (which are older than two months) to some safe location to other drive or DVD.

Then start the emoclient communication it should solve your issues.
Administrator Password Lost
Forward a backup of the eMO database and a formal request
(by FAX) in this regard to the Director CEPT Mysore from your
Divisional Superintendent.
Booking  option  not  enable
in Point of Sale
Check   whether   the   office   PIN   code   configured   in   the
environment option of Supervisor in POS is the same as that configured in the eMO package.
Not available for redirection
after printing
Please check whether redirection is to the same office or to the
Sub Office. If it is to the same office you can redirect through Postman module. If the eMO is for the SO then please check whether the Pincode is available in the eMO database. If the Pincode  is  not  available,  Run  eMOOffices  and  eMOPincodes scripts available in latest version.
Printed but still showing in
eMOs  not  received  /  not
If the eMOs  are  relating to  HO, once returns  are taken and
submit accounts is done in Postman Module then MIS will be

If the eMOs are relating to Sub Office, once u give paid data entry, the MIS will be updated.
Account   not   tallied   with
eMO is almost paid and entry is paid in eMO package and amount is also
tallied with Sub Account but in eMO Supervisor log in it is not being verified and also amount in Sub Account
As the messages says " account not tallied for pin code: ......" , it
means  that  account  is  not  tallied  with  subaccount  figures. Please check the total amount and paid date, SO account date and HO account dates both in subaccount and eMO application. Also ensure  that all the payment offices are mapped correctly with subaccount so codes.

Everything is fine still problem is there. Then try using disaster recovery.

amount column in eMO
package is not being shown and message comes like this " account not tallied for pin code: ......"

In   disaster   recovery   data
emos are not shown
Please forward the items to CEPT, Mysore.,

1. Backup of eMO database.
2. Copy of TXD, LOG and ERROR LOG folders from eMO client folder.
3. List of PNR numbers which were not updated.
Backup  of   eMO   database
not available
System Administrators are required to keep latest backup of all
databases and mdb files. In the case of eMO you have to keep copies of RXD and TXD folders also. If you are not following the procedure CEPT will not be in a position to give you a solution.
eMO   booked   with   wrong
Payee  Pincode   /  Remitter pincode
For held up eMOs   option has been provided under Divisional
Administrator login under Tools-> Change Payee Pincode.

In case of wrong remitter PIN code it can be corrected only by the Divisional Administrator of the booking office.
Unexpected  EOF  or  Wrong
Local Header Signature... in
Error log folder
please do the following carefully.
1. stop the emo client application if running.
2. Open the data folder which is inside RXD folder in eMO client
installation path.
3. Copy the file name alone without extension with file type as qsq_tmp .
4. Then search inside data folder with the file name what you have copied with qsq_tmp
5. You will get two files with same name (one with .qsq and another with qsq_tmp). Move the both outside the data folder
to seperate folder on desktop.( this file might be corrupted).
6. start the eMO client application.
7. Check the eMO after 10-15 minutes.
8. If any emos are shown as not received in emo website opt for request resending .

Still problem is not solved.
Send the RXD folder for analysis to CEPT.
eMO client error
CLR   error   80004005.   The program will now terminate.
Either the eMO installation may be corrupted or .net framework
corrupted. Pl reinstall.
Could not resolve Host error
Do the following steps to rectify this problem
1.            Go to the folder C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc ( if you have installed windows on D partition  then the path will be like D:\windows\System32\drivers\etc)
2.            Open the file Hosts” file using notepad
3.            There will be an entry like the following inside the hosts file        localhost

Delete  the  existing  entry  which  is  referred  below  if  it  is
available (if not available do not worry)         
Add one more entry like the following below.
Wrong Paid Data Entry
The paid information once fed can't be modified at the central
server.  If  the  eMO  is  actually  not  paid,  suitable  alternate arrangement may be made for payment after taking necessary precautions against double payment.
In        eMO        configuration
unhandled      exception       - access to the path is denied is coming.
The  error  is  due  to  sqlconfig.xml  file  corruption.  Or  eMO
installation may be corrupted. Please reinstall the application.
error in log file

eMOCommunication- transmitFile.No  connectivity
:The  underlying  connection was   closed:   A   connection that   was   expected   to   be kept alive was closed by the server.
Please check the following points.

1. Check whether the machine is virus infected. Scan it with an updated anti-virus package.
2.      open      eMOCommunication.exe.config    file      in      eMO communication folder (C:\Program Files\eMOClient) if the eMO client  is installed in C drive. Check whether the fourth line is "dd key="server" value="" />"
Unable to upload data error
in Log file
This problem is due to connectivity with your sql server.
Please check whether sql server connectivity is there with the client  machine, if not solved,please give IP address of the sql server in config.xml instead of sql server name .
Time      Out      error      while
running                               eMO
This problem is due to connectivity with your sql server.
Please check whether sql server connectivity is there with the client  machine, if not solved, please give IP address of the sql server in config.xml instead of sql server name .
Time and Vista Problem
Select Regional and language options in control Panel. Select
"English(United States)" ->Click on Apply -> Click on "Customize" button  -> In the Customize Regional Options   and select the correct date and time format.

In Windows Vista machine select the Compatibility mode of the exe  as  WindowsXP. (Right Click on the exe, Select properties, Check on the "Run this programme in Compatibility mode for " and Select Windows X. Click on Apply.
Network  Error   Unable  to
find enabled Network Card
Please check the local network connectivity .Ensure that your
network  card  is  enabled  and  you  could  ping  with  other

machines in the network from the eMO client machine.
Resending of eMOs to HO in
case of disabling of eMO
If the eMO is to be resent to the HO, please use Change eMO
(Transfer of eMOs) option in Divisional admin login. The eMOs which  were  transmitted  to  the  disabled  office  will  be  again transmitted  to the HO. Please  take necessary precautions to avoid double payment when the SO is enabled subsequently.
Error in error log file Reset
Transmission Counter File”
Send latest emo database backup to CEPT Mysore
Error in Configuration file ...
Root Element is missing
Please reinstall the eMO client after taking backup of RXD and
TXD folders.
Redirection problem-
Error  in  converting  varchar
to Unique identifier
Please  ensure  that  database  is  upgraded  properly and  latest
version of  eMO application is installed in all the eMO machines. Still if problem persist then send eMO database backup.
eMO Configuration – error
Connection   could   not   be established. Please retry.
This  is  only  database  connection  problem.  eMO  application
machine  is  not  connecting  to  eMO  database  server.  Please ensure sql server allows remote connections. Set the firewall off and open all ports.
This error will come in the following circumstances

1.   eMOs are invoiced to postman and returns not taken.
2.   Non printed eMOs

For such redirection you will have to use missent redirection. Please  ascertain these two things.
Not to be Paid
EMO not to be paid will make the eMO not for payment only in client system. If the eMO is shown as not paid in MIS and it is
already paid use disaster recovery module for paid data updation.

It should be used for emos which are already paid but received again due to database crash and subsequent request resending.

It should not be used otherwise
Unhandled   exception   has
occurred in a component in your application. If you click on continue, the application will   ignore  this  error  and attempt to continue.

Access       to        the        path
‘c:\program   files\emo\emo
\sqlconfig.xml’ is denied.
The  error   is   due   to   permission   problem.   Please   run   as

Paid data not updated after
using      disaster       recovery option,     getting     message
‘Account not Tallied’
In  cases  where  message  ‘Account  not  tallied   is  got  for  a
particular PNR number, efforts should be made tallying with Cash Book and Sub Accounts. If it is not possible, the supervisor can  give   reason  for  non  tallying  in  the  remarks  column. Thereafter the paid data will be updated.
REQUESTED                    LOGIN SUBACCOUNTS LOGIN FAILS. LOGIN       FAILS  FOR                                 USER SUBTREASURY PA"
If subaccount database is not available you can ignore the error
account will be tallied only with treasury.
BULK           PAYEE           EMOS
Bulk payee eMOs cannot be redirected. It can only returned to
sender automatically if refused by bulk payee.
Please run emooffices exl  from latest Version.
Eurogiro Country issues
First you should upgrade to Megh 6.6 service packs (latest) if
you have not upgraded earlier in month of April 2010.
Then  you  have  to  run  the  emo.exl  file  available  in  country problem            folder            available             in             this             link roCountryProblem/

Once  that  is  executed  successfully,  you  have  to  copy  the message files from ftp link given above ( after unzipping) into data folder available inside RXD folder of the emoclient.
If you have not changed emoclient exe before in April 2010 please change that exe to latest.
Then run the emoclient it will update. Please check this step and try.
MIS  figure  does  not  tally
Check  whether  your  office  appears  in  registered  list.   If  not
please register. Registered but figure not tallied.

Please forward the following items to CEPT, Mysore.
1. Latest Backup of eMO database.
2. Latest Copy of TXD, LOG and ERROR LOG folders from eMO
client folder.
Pincode                       changes/
upgradation          of     offices
Please send a fax to CEPT through your divisional head with
correct status of the office and the pincode to avoid eMo not transmitted problems later.
Problem   in   broadband   /
internet issues.
Disable the office immediately and issue request resending of
emos in divisional admin login and wait for a day. The emos are supposed to be transmitted to HO / Account office. Still not received send a mail to CEPT with the office details and emo particulars.
In the case of HO no other option is there so the office should
be enabled at the earliest after setting right the issue.
Request resending
It is available in divisional admin login of emo web page. It is

used for eMos not received / not printed only
Disaster Request for data
It is available in Supervisor login of emo software. It should be
used when eMOs are paid actually but shown as not paid in emo web page.
Disaster                  Redirection
This option should be used when eMos are received, printed
and invoiced to postman. Then database crashed. The postman brings the emo returns with  remarks redirection. In such cases only this option works.

Regular  redirection  should  be  done  through  redirection  / Remarks entry option in Postman /eMO software
Disaster Paid entry done but
not updated in web page as paid.
Check the following-
whether paid entry is done properly and it is authorised
If those things are done still not updated please send
1. Latest Backup of eMO database.
2. Latest Copy of TXD, LOG and ERROR LOG folders from eMO
client folder.
Emos    not     received/    not
printed/  not  paid  updation in central server
Please forward the log and error log folders & TXD folder for
analysis to CEPT, Mysore.

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