Monday, January 24, 2011


              This is already under the notice of all organisers and our members that the department has ordered to deduct one day's salary for our strike on  7th September 2010. Some over-enthusiastic divl administration have  even issued letters to our members marking the day as 'unauthorised absence'.

               Let us first make it clear that we never think or demand that the department will pay us for a day of strike unless it is regularised by leave through  amicable discussion and decision. But we are strongly against the way  the authority is behaving and their policy of implementation of the pay-cut.  

                  The fundamental question is ------ whether a local authority is empowered with the capacity to decide to regularise a day of strike with leave. In 1998, our period of strike was regularised with leave by the decision of the cabinet. The  14 days of strike in the year 2000 have not yet been regularised with leave due to denial by the cabinet. So, it is the cabinet that is empowered with the capacity of taking a decision regarding  regularisation of strike period with leave. So, it is beyond the jurisdiction of any authority below the rank and power of the cabinet. So, we are of the opinion that our administration is acting beyond their jurisdiction here.

                   Then again, our federation served strike notice to Directorate. So, the question of unauthorised absence is irrelevant and illogical. Secondly, if anybody faced any difficulty to enter the office or perform office duty on any day, he/she should intimate the authority on the very next day. But here the administration is asking the staffs after four months about their difficulties.Thus, the administration is purposefully encouraging the non-strikers and trying to create a fear-psychosis. Thirdly, all rulings of Govt and the Supreme Court direct to deduct pay on 'No Work No Pay' basis, but our dept is deliberately violating it repeatedly. 

                    So, the Circle Unions have decided to hold demonstration in all divns tomorrow at lunch-hours and sent the following resolution. We are also considering legal aspects of the situation .


                 This mass demonstration of all cross section of postal employees under NFPE ( with EDE), ..............division notes with serious concern that the orders have been issued at all levels inviting leave applications from the employees taking part in Postal Strike on 07.09.2010. To our opinion, this is highly irregular and clear instance of administrative interference into trade union rights. In no circumstances, the administration should move  beyond its jurisdiction. 
                 This is our further opinion that the absence of the officials from duty on 07.09.2010 is not at all unauthorised as formal Strike notice was served to the competent authority by our federation (NFPE) & its affiliated organisations under the provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act. It would not be out of place  to mention that the department had never declared the strike unjustified. 
                   This demonstration, therefore, resolves that the day should not be treated as unauthorised absence and the principle of 'No Work No Pay' should be maintain ed in general. This demonstration further resolves that the administration should refrain from taking any unauthorised and irregular activities to avoid serious staff resentment .

                                                                     (Signature of the President of the  meeting)

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