Saturday, July 2, 2011


      We have informed our divisional secretaries last night that the indefinite strike from 5th July has been deferred by the JCA after day-long discussion yesterday at the Directorate.

      NFPE has blogged in its website, so did the Gr-C CHQ, the gist of the discussion and the positive settlement reached between the Postal JCA & the Administration. Few orders have also been given. All points are not conclusive, but the unilateral attitude of the Directorate does not prevail. 

     We would like to make this point noted that the blog published by the staff-side is our understanding on the discussion. We have to cautiously wait for the Department's version to be notified and remain ready to react promptly over that if required.  

        Finally, the Circle Unions salute all postal employees of our circle for the sincere & diligent preparation for making the strike successful despite political attacks, threats, intervention on strike campaigns and reluctance by the leaderships of other service unions ignoring nationwide staff-unity.  

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