Thursday, January 12, 2012

Postal Coordination Committee
NFPE including GDS/PWU Unions
West Bengal Circle
37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata-13.
No: PC-25/Strike                      Dated 09.01.2012.


Dear Comrades,
                             We are very near to the Nationwide indefinite Postal Strike on 25 Points Charter of demands. While conducting strike, our comrades / members have to follow the following guidelines :-
  1. The indefinite strike should commence at 6 A.M. on 17.01.2012. In RMS/MMS strike will start from the commencement of duty on 17.01.2012.
  2. Circle Unions will function round the clock from 10 AM on 16.01.2012 till settlement of strike. All the Branch / Divisional Unions will ensure constant touch with their respective Circle Union. Control unit is also to be maintained at Branch / Divisional level.
  3. All who are in-charge of office and Joint Custodian should keep the keys with them. However if the department wants surrender of those keys, the same should be done on proper acquittance.
  4. Ensure adequate cash in hand (union fund for conducting strike) before commencement of strike.
  5. The Department through field officers may ask each employee to submit a declaration to state whether he / she is going to participate in the strike or not. The declaration be returned to the Head of the Office with a statement of the concerned official that he / she will act as per the directive / decision of the Postal Joint Council of Action.
  6. Ensure gathering of striking employees in front of the closed office. Constant propaganda with red flag / festoons / microphone be maintained. There should be an arrangement (on behalf of our organisation) for attendance of the employees attended in the strike gathering.
  7. All rumours through media / press / interested quarters be ignored and nobody should believe such news unless it is verified from respective Circle Union / CHQ / Federations.
  8. This is unanimous decision of all the Circle Unions that at Branch / Divisional level based on reality, only the local head (like Chief Postmaster / Sr. Postmaster / SP / SSP) will be allowed to enter in his / her office. In no circumstances, the second person will be allowed. In R.O. / C.O., Officers from Director and above will be allowed.
                                                                                                            Comradely yours
                                                                                                          Janardan Majumdar

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