Friday, December 14, 2012


  In addition to the report given below in earlier blogs regarding the success of the strike and the attacks on our comrades, Divisional leadership of South Hooghly Division has reported us another incident of courageous fight by our comrades to make the strike successful ignoring all threats.

  Some local political goons threatened the staffs of Chapadanga Sub-Post Office (under South Hooghly Division) before the strike and directed them not to join the strike. But our committed comrades did not betray the unity and the clarion call of the strike and kept the office closed on 12th. The next day (13th), en route to the office, the SPM Com. Rabindranath Nandy and accompanying Postman Com. Kartik Chandra Kundu were interrupted on the way and both were severely assaulted physically. Another P.A. of the office, Com. Amitava Bera,  was also abused. 

   Comrades, please narrate these incidents during the recess hours' gate meeting today and convey these inspiring events to the last comrade of your division. These should strengthen our resolve more. The history of Postal movement is built up on the monument of such innumerable sacrifices and commitments. Let us reply back with our unity and make the coming strike in February an unprecedented success. Let us also identify the political power in our state that is acting violently against the interests of workers and common people.   

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