Tuesday, November 26, 2013

                                                West Bengal Circle
                           37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata-13
PC-35/ Recruitment                                                          Dated 21.11.2013
Sri J.Panda,
Chief Postmaster General,
West Bengal Circle,
Yogayog Bhavan,

Sub: Filling up of unfilled (departmental quota) vacancies in PA cadre for the year 2010 & 2011.
Dear Sir,
            This is in continuation of our recent discussions with you on recruitment in PA cadre. However, once again this union would like to draw your kind attention to your office letter no Rectt/X-13/Exam/GDS/2010-12 dated 09/08/2012, wherein it was cleared that the examination for the year 2010 & 2011 will be held as per guidelines of the department on the same day and time on the basis of same syllabus with the outside candidates. And accordingly the examination was held both for the candidates of open market and eligible GDS on the same date. Now after recent publication of the results of the direct recruitment for PA & SA cadre for the year 2011 & 2012 it is learnt that the declared vacancies of unfilled (departmental quota) vacancies for the year 2010 and 2011 have not been considered.
            Actually, in accordance with the notification issued by D.G (Posts) letter no 37-47/2010-SPB.I)PT) dated 23/04/2012, the unfilled vacancies of Departmental quota that still remains unfilled from the GDS staff should be filled up from open market candidates according to merit. On the basis of this ruling position, the result from open market candidates (if the GDS do not qualify) would have been declared at a time against unfilled vacancies of departmental quota for the year 2010 & 2011.
            In these circumstances, this union urges upon you to pursue this serious issue with Postal Directorate to explore further avenues for more recruitment in our department.            A line in reply taking necessary action will be highly appreciated.
Thanking you.                                                      Yours faithfully
                                                                        (Janardan Majumdar)
                                                                              Circle Secretary. 
Copy to: 1)Sri Sanjeev Ranjan, DPS(HQ),O/o the  CPMG,WB Circle-for   intimation & necessary guidance.    
2-35) Br/Divisional Secretaries-for intimation.
                                                                        (Janardan Majumdar)
                                                                             Circle Secretary. 



I have been selected from Murshidabad division, eagerly waiting for joining date.. But now everyone is saying that after publishing of a second list result and after completing of the selected candidates from that list we will be joined together! What kind of judgment is this for first list qualified candidates?? Why should we sit idle for two or three months? And if we can't join before january we will miss one valuable increment from our whole life and it will also affect our basic pay for seventh pay commission! And also shorten one year for appearing for promotional exams.
Hence we request you to kindly take action so that successful candidates from first list can join as early as possible!

tanmoy said...

r departmental exm jadr hya6a tadr result bar kryani..tadr type test o hy ni..r jodi union chay odr r amadr aksathya joing dbya..tahlya to amadr akhono 1 year waitng krtya hbya..we will suffer but we do not want to suffer

Unknown said...

sir, it is very disappointed to wait such a long period. some of us also miss the pension scheme if they cannot complete 33 years of job. and it is boring to sit idle at home. and the lok sabha vote is coming so the joining would be better if it would occur before the vote.
plz sir consider our heartily request.

Unknown said...

can anyone tell me how much delay it will to give the joining. first each of the union was telling that the joining procedure will be completed within december but now it is uncertain when the joining will be given..

Unknown said...

sir gds ra to ekta kaj korche. kintu amra to idle barite bose achi. ekhon amader joining ta dia dile oder sathe pore amra baire eksathe traing korte jete partam. r january r pore joining dile amader 1 year loss hobe increment e plus promotional exam o dite one yr late hoe habe

Unknown said...

we are told that after completing police verification the joining will be given. any one can tell me this procedure will be applied for all other division.

Unknown said...

keu ki joining letter paeche nadia south division e? or any other division e? plz keu pale inform me in this blog

rajesh said...

recruitment ta to abar postpone hoe jabe na to??