Monday, March 2, 2015


    The general body meeting of the Postmaster Cadre Sub-Committee of the Group-C Circle Union has been held on 22.02.2015 at Tarapada Memorial Hall, 37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata-13. The meeting was a much-awaited one, and as committed, Com. R.N.Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE, was present in the meeting.
      The meeting started at about 12 P.M., after hoisting of Red Flag of the organisation by Com. Parashar followed by garlanding the martyr's column. Meeting was presided over the presidium of Comrades Munshi Sirajul Islam, Somnath Goswami and Kajal Mukherjee. At the outset, Com. Janardan Majumder, Circle Secretary Group-C, settled the aim and objective of the meeting through his initial speech. Com. Asit Bangabas, Asstt. C.S., placed the draft report focussing on the demands of the Postmaster Cadre, present indifferent attitude of the administration, organisational reality and roles of All India Union/Federation and Circle Union.
     Our organisational stand on separate union of Postmaster cadre was made crystal clear in the draft report, which was again elaborated by Com. Parashar in his speech later.
      Representatives from the assembled comrades spoke supporting the draft report and pointed out the problems being faced by the comrades belonging to the Postmaster cadre, like ---
  • Daily problems/hazards while functioning of office.
  • negative and reluctant approach of the administration.
  • Resentments regarding non-settlement of financial demands including deprivation from HRA despite uninhabitable condition of post-attached quarters etc.
  • Issues related to transfer-postings including tenure transfer guideline.
        They also requested Circle Union/Federation leadership to discuss regarding ----
  • Actions taken by CHQ/Federation so far on the above demands.
  • Development regarding the proposal of Circle Union placed in the last All India Group-C conference to form Postmaster Cadre Sub-Committee under All India Union at national level.
  • The fact which is taking place at Directorate level behind the surfacing rumour of recognising a separate union of Postmaster cadre.
  • A proposal for filing court case against department in West Bengal circle for the suffering of officials of Postmaster cadre due to non-issuance of general line promotional memo since 2005 in this circle, for which Grade-II Postmasters are stagnated.
      Secretary General Com. Parashar covered all these issues in details in his deliberation ----
  • All India Union and Federation are well aware of the issues of this cadre and continuously pursuing them with the Dte. But the attitude of the department is disappointing.
  • During discussion, Directorate has verbally assured that the examinations for Inspector Posts and PSS Gr-B will be opened for Postmaster cadre officials, but no order has so far been issued. Federation is hopeful.
  • There is an intentional propaganda that NFPE was not in favour of formation of Postmaster cadre and still does not support it. But in reality, even before formation of this cadre, NFPE demanded formation of a separate Supervisory cadre in the memorandum for comprehensive cadre restructuring.
  • The proposal for formation of such Sub-Committee at national level has been thought of, but due to different realities in different circles, it could not be finalised. This will be discussed further in the ensuing All India Conference of Group-C.       
  • There is no such move in the Dte., so far known to the Federation, to announce this cadre a distinct category or recognise as a separate cadre union now.  But it is to be remembered that administration always wants to divide unity and break union into small parts. It does not always for the interest of the staff, but rather to satisfy interest of the administration by weakening larger unity.
  •  If situation demands so for staff interest, NFPE would happily form a separate union as another affiliate under the banner of NFPE. Thus, there may be separate union, but no separation from our beloved and mighty NFPE.
           The Circle Union replied to the proposal for filing court case that it would be discussed inside Circle Working Committee meeting of Group-C Union on 03.03.2015. Regarding tenure transfer guideline, it has been ascertained verbally that general transfer guideline for P.A. cadre will also be followed for Postmaster cadre. However, the matter will be further discussed with DPS(HQ) on her return from leave.
      The Sub-Committee has been reconstituted having Comrade Sanat Das, Postmaster Gr-I, Bishnupur S.O. (South Presidency Divn) and Comrade Asit Bangabas, Asstt. C.S., Gr-C, as Joint Convenors. 
        The meeting concluded with the firm resolve that the comrades of Postmaster cadre in West Bengal Circle remained and would always remain with the beloved NFPE forever, and would fight all odds along with comrades of all other sections jointly, hand-in-hand, to carry on the legacy of Postal Trade Union Movement.    

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