Wednesday, July 8, 2015


     We are in full awareness that the demands placed by the Circle Union ---- to transfer the present SSPOs, South Hooghly Divn immediately and that also in a post without involving independent charge ---- are unusual. Despite non-settlement of issues and differences of opinions with different tires of administration, we do not make such demands frequently. We generally maintain overall amicable relation with administration for the sake of providing smooth service. Most of the officers also, despite their limitations, try to maintain harmony with staff side and solve cases of staff interests as far as possible.  

     But by the unusual partiality and expressed vendetta against NFPE along with unprecedented atrocities and punishments  against our members with the objective to reduce our membership in his regime, Sri Bidhan Chandra Das, SSPOs, South Hooghly Divn, has forced us to demand this way. AND we shall make it this time through sustained struggle. We already have made our moves, and comrades, rest assured, this move will involve all kinds of legitimate action including legal ones, if situation requires so.

       When an administrator declares warfare against NFPE, there is no way back, there is no looking back. Organisational retaliation is the answer, and he will get one soon.   

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