Friday, October 16, 2015


  We are concerned to note that even after repeated correspondences and discussions from NFPE Group of Circle Unions and instruction from the Circle Office to Divisional Heads, joining order has not been issued in any division. This is objectionable, as almost in all divisions the empowered committee has completed re-verification to their satisfaction, except cases of a very few candidates where some more documentary formalities are needed. There is no logical explanation to this delay, just the files are stuck.

  The situation, in our opinion, needed intervention of Chief PMG once again, as she took the earlier initiative to advance the date of completion of verification in our circle. So, Group-C Circle Union has handed over this letter to her today and requested to intervene. 

  Divisional Secretaries are also requested to raise the demand and pressurise respective Divisional Heads to act on it. If they need any guidance or order, they must seek it from the C.O. immediately and cannot be allowed to sit idly expecting C.O. to act first. 

 So far the rising tension among the candidates is concerned, we would request you to please keep your calm. We are closely monitoring the situation and keeping contact with the C.O. It is our responsibility not to go this serious issue loose. We experience this type of administrative inaction on many issues and occasions, that is why we declared that only lifting of abeyance order was not sufficient, we have to follow it up until joining of every fairly selected candidate. We are relentlessly pursuing it. 

  Let us all remain united.    

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Its only for west bengal or other circle