Wednesday, November 18, 2015


     The 7th Pay Commission has announced that it will submit its report to the Govt tomorrow, the 19.11.2015, at 7-30 P.M. 

   The Commission was appointed on 28.02.2014 having Justice Shri Ashok Kr. Mathur as Chairman. It is submitting the report approximately after 21 months. Already several rumours and news are floating in the air assessing the increase of wage, a variety of pay-calculators are also available. As of now, nothing can be confirmed. 

  We suggest comrades to be watchful and not participate in such discussions, let us rather remain cautious and organisationally prepared for the attacks and blows which may come through this Pay Commission. Please do not let our comrades get carried away with the CPC news and concentrate our focus on the strike on 1-2 December 2015. 

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