Wednesday, February 17, 2016


     All Circle Unions of NFPE, West Bengal, have discussed the burning issues today in the 4-monthly meeting with the Chief PMG. From Group-C Circle Union Comrades Janardan Majumdar, Annwesha Biswas and Bijan Chakraborty participated in it. Along with three other agenda, CBS issue has been separately raised and the above demands have been handed over. Most of the above issues can be settled at least to some extent by the Circle Administration, if sufficient good will is there. On some points, Chief PMG has agreed verbally, especially on connectivity and speed issue as well as enhancement of bandwidth. It has been learnt that an order has been issued by the Directorate, which is yet to be received at our Circle, empowering Circle Heads to increase bandwidth at deserving offices. The Chief PMG has assured that once the order is received, the C.O. will examine the situation of different offices to increase bandwidth.

     However, the Chief PMG has also expressed that CBS is a huge issue today which needs more discussion. She has also emphasized on the point of changing mindset to accept the changes and increasing complaints by customers due to discourteous behaviour at post offices. On 25th or 26th February 2016, a discussion will be held exclusively on CBS issue. We have pointed out the terrible mental stress under which the postal staffs are now suffering. Com. Pranab Bhattacharya, General Secretary, Admin Union, has also raised the issue appropriately.  

      Our leaders and organisers may note that the extended CWC held on 09.02.16 decided to hold a day-long sit-in demonstration on 25th February 2016 in all divisions on CBS and other five points mentioned in the charter of demands submitted to C.O. on 29.01.2016. The program will remain unchanged in case of divisions. If the discussion takes place on 25th, the program at C.O. may need reconsideration. Decision will be taken after confirmation of the date from the C.O.  

      Comrades are requested to spread the above news and demands in the circle.

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