Wednesday, March 2, 2016


   The program called by NFPE group of Circle Unions to hold a 5-hours cease-work on 03.03.2016 is decided to be deferred. The program was called in demand of settlement of 5-point charter of demands including CBS, recruitment in all cadres including GDS, regular payment of wages to all part-time workers etc., submitted to the Chief PMG from demonstration at the C.O. on 29.01.2016. The same charter has also been forwarded by all divisions from subsequent demonstrations at their levels.

   The items of the charter has already been discussed with the Chief PMG by the Circle Unions in the 4-monthly meeting with her on 17.02.2016. Some actions have been taken by the department, though inadequate, like release of order of enhancing connectivity speed of CBS link. Another round of discussion with her will also follow shortly. 

   We have the information that oppression on the staff is still suffocating and some atrocious actions have been taken by local administration in some divisions like Midnapore, North Hooghly etc. We shall raise these issues with documents before the Chief PMG during the forthcoming discussion. At present, the Circle Unions have jointly decided to halt the program temporarily and all leaders are requested to prepare to launch the program within very short notice if the dialogue fails.  

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