Friday, April 22, 2016


  Comrades, we have only a few more days remaining to conclude our drive for new membership (new employees or change of membership from others) this year, 30.04.2016 being the last date of submission. In some divisions, it is a date for assembly polls and offices will remain closed. So, we advice comrades of such divisions to submit the list within 29.04.2016 positively.

    As we have notified you all earlier, the list of membership should be prepared in four copies. Three copies will be required to be submitted to concerned Divl/Unit Head. The fourth copy will be your receipted copy. After scrutiny (refer earlier blog) by the Divl Head, one copy will be supplied by him/her to concerned DDOs (Postmasters of H.O.s), one copy will have to be displayed at the notice board of the administrative (Divisional) office, the last copy would be their office copy. The disposal of double forms in favour of more than one union has already been discussed in previous blog. 



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