Sunday, November 20, 2016

Midnapore Zonal Committee Meeting

    Today, Midnap0re Zonal Committee Meeting held at Bankura Banda Vidyalaya Under Bankura Divn. Bankura Division arranged the meeting nicely. 
After hoisting Red Flag of NFPE and garlanding at the maryrs' column, meeting started at abount 12 PM. Com Dilip Soren, President P3, Midnapore Divn, Com Mans Pradhan, Orgn Secretary P4, Circle, Com Satyakinkar Mahato, Orgn Secretary GDS, Circle  and Com Arun Bhattacharya, Asstt. Circle Secretary, PWU presided over the meeting. Com Annwesha Biswas, Circle Secretary P3, W B Circle inaugurated the meeting explaining the reason and importance of this meeting. Representative of all the branch/divn of this zone except Tamluk Division attended the meeting. Circle leadership Com Sanatan Das, Circle Secretary P4, Com Ashish Halder, President, GDS Union, W B Circle, Com Manoj Shaw, Financial Secretary P3, W B Circle, Com Abhijit Banerjee, orgn Secretary, GDS Union, W B Circle, Com Bharat Bauri, Asstt. Circle Secretary P4, W B Circle and Com Ajit Rana, Asstt. Circle Secretary P3, W B Circle were present in the meeting. Amongst them Com Sanatam Das and Com Manoj Shaw delivered their speech. 
     Draft report was submitted by Com Ajit Rana and Com Bharat Bhauri,  Joint Convenor of this zone and Secretaries and Comrades of all the branch/divn took part in discussion. The basic points which were discussed in the meeting are as :-- 1) Review of 2nd Sept.'16 all India Strike. 2) Impact of proposed and finally withdrawn Strike on 9 - 10 Nov.'16 at the call of Postal JCA on GDS/Part time issues. 3) Latest position of membership. 4) Different organizational program -- our role (Success/failures). 5) Attack of administration (on service/staff) -- our role (success/failures). 6) Timely disposal of posters/journals and remittance of Quota and dues to higher bodies. 7) Ensuing program of Confederation including March to Parliament on 15th Dec.'16. 
     Com Ajit Rana, joint convenor of this zone and Com Annwesha Biswas, Circle Secretary P3 have given the reply on the points/questions arise by brach/divn. Finally, Zonal Committee took decission ---- intergrating our sucess and deleting our failures/short comings, We will strengthen our zone and circle organisation as a whole.   
 Some decisions taken in the zonal meeting. 1) A proposal has been taken to hold stay in program at Circle Office (Yogayog Bhawan) at the call of NFPE (including PWU). 2) To intensify program at branch/divn level against anti employees activities of Local Authority. 

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