Tuesday, May 30, 2017

      The Bi-ennial conference of AIPEU , Gr C , Postman & MTS and GDS , Parttime Contingent paid, Contai Division has been completed with grand success on 27 & 28 May, 2017 at  Pataspur Harocharan Vidyapith , Pataspur, East Medinipur. Com Durgapada Kamila, President , Com Swapan Shit,  Com Jagannath Samanta and Com. Prahallad Patra,  presided over the open session on 27th May evening.  Our respected leader Com. Sibsankar Ray, ex convenor , 12 th July Committee & P&T movement has inaugurated the open session. On behalf of Circle unions Com Adhir Das, Astt Circle Secy, Com Bibhas Ghora , Asstt Circle Fin Secy , Com Sukumar Mandal,  Circle President Postman and MTS, Com Bikash Raj, Vice president Circle GDS union were also present & addressed the  in the conference . About 530 comrades including 40 women are joined the conference. One nice  Rally was organised on 28th May morning covering the Pataspur town  & village area by the  Reception Committee with delegate,  visitor, guest & Circle leaders.

The following comrades are elected from the conference-
                                                    Group C 
Com Durgapada Kamila -President ,
Com Ajit Rana - Secretary,
Com Kamalesh Pradhan- Financial Secretary,

                                               Postman & MTS 
Com Swapan Shit - President
Com Manas Pradhan- Secretary
Com Niranjan Padhy- Financial Secretary
Com Asish Dutta - President
Com Bidyadhar Giri - Secretary
Com Sudip Majhi - Financial Secretary

                                            Parttime, Contingent paid 
Com Prahallad Patra - President
Com Bamdeb Das - Secretary
Com Dilip Maity – Financial Secretary

        Arrangement of the conference by the reception Committee was nice specially at the time of flag hoisting, open & delegate session. Congratulation to all members of new committee of Office Bearers including working Committee.

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