Wednesday, February 21, 2018


     Comrades, the main demands (circle level) for the demonstration scheduled to be held on 22.02.2018 at all divisions are appended below. You are requested to add your local deamands with it and submit a memorandum to the Chief PMG, W.B.Circle with copies to the divisional and regional head.

1.     Implement positive recommendations of Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report for wage revision of GDS employees immediately.
2. a)   Implementation of Directorate order no. 2-53/2011-PCC dated 22.01.2015 granting effect of 6thCPC and pending D.A. to the Part time contingent-paid workers in East Kolkata and North Kolkata Divisions.

b)   Imeplementation of Ministry of Communication, Department of Posts, SPB-1 section, Memo no. 45-24/88 SPB-1 dated 17.05.1989 and GOI, Ministry of Communication & IT, Department of Posts no. 2-53/2011-PCC dated 17.06.2016, instructing to treat Mazdoor, Casual labourer, Contingent-paid worker, daily wager, Daily Rated Mazdoor, outsider etc. as ‘Casual Labourers’.

c)   Allotment and adequate and sufficient fund for making regular payment of wages to all daily-rated mazdoors in RMS. 
d)  Decisions of halting engagement of DRMs must be stopped as new services are continuously launched and enormous pressure is created on existing staffs despite huge vacancy in every division. The support and engagement of DRMs must be continued on realistic assessment and must not be left on the whims of local administrations.

3.      Rolling out RICT with adequate training with live training server, hands-on device training, training material in local language and after ensuring good connectivity. Recruitment to all vacant GDS posts, especially GDSBPMs, must be ensured to avoid irregular assigning of device and training to less-qualified GDS officials at large numbers of offices.
4.      Ensure proper infrastructure, adquate training, AV-AD Rollout and consistent connectivity to all offices before implementation of CSI.
5.      Stop whimsical acquiring of space at different H.O.s for setting up IPPB. Local suggestions from divisions must be heeded to before identifying such space. Provisions for keeping records at all H.O.s must be given due importance and staff quarters should not be occupied for keeping records.
6.      Ensure proper infrastructure at Nabadiganta e-commerce parcel hub under Kolkata RMS division and revise schedule of Mail Motor Service.
7.      Ensure disposal of all disciplinary cases in time-bound manner and initiate action against officers not obeying the timeline prescribed by different authorities from time to time. 
8.      Stop shifting of Divl Office and Accounts branch of Kolkata Fgn. Post to RLO building. Stop transfer of business office from the establishment of Fgn. Post to RLO, Kolkata.
9.      Stop irregular and unjustified administrative high-handedness in North Bengal Region, like --- obtaining declaration from PM/SPMs making them liable for transfer under Rule-37 if daily 5 speed articles are not booked, and threat of issue of transfer orders of SPMs on offices where speednet data could not be uploaded due to connectivity issues on some isolated dates only.
10.      Drop the move of amendment in the PA CO, PA SBCO Recruitment Rules. 
11. Scrap the provision of engagement of Outsourced Postal Agents immediately and fill  up the delivery-related vacant posts in the department.

Please prepare the forwarding letter as given herein below :

NFPE Group of Unions
All India Postal Employees Union GDS
_______________________________  Division 
   The Chief PMG,

No:                                                                                                                                 Date :

    Sub: Submission of charter of demands adopted by the mass demonstration dated 22.02.2018.

Respected Madam,
                                Kindly find enclosed herewith the charter of demands on the burning problems and inconveniences being suffered by all cross-sections of the postal employees, lying for disposal  at Dte.,  Circle and Divl levels.    

             Today's mass demonstration demands immediate actions towards reasonable settlement of all these problems to avoid further conflicts in coming days in which the postal services may be adversely affected by series of trade union movements throughout the circle.

 Enclo : as stated above.
(Signature of Divl Secretaries)

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