Tuesday, November 30, 2010

            The notice of the Circle Union has been attracted to few confusions and apprehensions arose after the announcements of the Postal Administration in the Presentation on Technology Implementation on 23.11.2010 in New Delhi in presence of All Secretary Generals and General Secretaries of affiliated organisations.
              Firstly, the news so far blogged or came into notice of all staffs by other means are very superficial and shallow. Comprehensive details have not been made available to us. Therefore, drawing a categorical conclusion is not possible at this stage.
              Apprehensions have mostly been concentrated due to the announcement of the Directorate that the responsibility of supply of software or hardware and their maintenance will be entirely entrusted to the vendors. Besides, news has also arrived that Project Managers and Program Executives would be hired by the department shortly. If these proposals are materialised, it would mean the end of the prospect for the staffs working for long as System Administrators or other technology related nomenclatures. Although in the same program Secretary (Posts) assured that their contribution will get positive consideration, but from our bitter experiences we know the credibility of the assurances of our administration.
               To clear the air, the Circle Union has instructed the Circle Technology Sub-Committee to hold a meeting and suggest appropriate actions, which the Circle Union would adopt and take the matter up with CHQ, if necessary, for more information. Meanwhile, all concerned may please keep contact with the member of the sub-committee of your zone and contribute.   

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