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37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata – 700 013

No. PC –34/ Branch Conference / 2012.                                            Dated: 28.10.2012


1.      Com. Stephen Fernandez.
Divisional Secretary,
AIPEU, Group –C

2.      Com. Biswajit Das
Divisional Secretary,
AIPEU, Postmen & MSC/ Group D

3.      Athunu Bhattacharjee
Divisional Secretary,


                 We, on behalf of our Circle Unions convey our comradely greetings and best wishes to all the delegates and leaders attending 6th Bi-ennial conference of your division. We also wish your conference a grand success. Had we been in persons amongst you, we could share and exchange our experiences over the present scenario now prevailing in Postal Department as well as our Country. However, we think that this letter will surely fill up our absence in your conference and also make a bridge between our beloved employees of  Andaman & Nicobar Islands and ourselves. Taking this opportunity. we are also expressing our proud feelings that all the employees, including GDS, of your division are strongly united under NFPE and there is no existence of any other organization in Andaman & Nicobar Island. You have taken lessons through experience  that for existence there is only NFPE.

               You are well aware of the facts that specially after introduction of Neo Liberal economic policies we have been lying under severe threat of existence. We are experiencing that in the name of economic reforms, the Govt. of India, has been imposing all the crisis of our country on common people.  Unprecedented hike in prices of petroleum goods, essential commodities including food grains, frequent reduction of Govt. subsidy in agriculture and service sectors, disinvestment of Public Sectors under takings are the rules of the day. Like other service sectors we, the postal employees are not lying beyond this attack. Central Govt. is trying to privatize and downsize our department at the cost of the interests of the employees, common
people as a whole. Everyday, there is a new scheme in Postal Department, though thousand and thousand vacant posts in every cadre are not being filled up. Not only that, our Part time

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employees, GDS employees are being deprived of their legitimate rights year after year in one hand, while on the other, the rights including trade union rights achieved so far through incessant struggle are being badly curbed by the Govt. Under the banner of NFPE, all cross section of Postal employees have already built up united struggle against the impact of economic policies of the Govt. sometimes inside our department and sometimes  outside jointly with united forums of mass organization across the country. The all India general strike on 28th Feb’2012 was such a glorious example in which the employees of Andaman & Nicobar also took a valiant role like all previous strikes and movements. Again at the call of Central Govt. Confederation we are going to take part in one day Strike on 12 Dec 2012 on 15 points charter of demands. We believe that our organization of Andaman & Nicobar will again take an important role for wide campaigning on 15 points charter of demands to make the forthcoming strike a grand success.

              You know that the tradition of Postal Trade Union movement, from the very day of its inception, is the total unity of the entire Postal employees and Central Govt. Employees – whether they are called Departmental Employees or Extra Departmental Employees. Late Comrades : Tarapada Mukherjee, Dada Ghosh, K. G. Bose,  N J Iyer, K Adinarayana, and all those great leaders stood for the unity of the entire Postal workers. Unfortunately, of late, deliberate attempt is being made repeatedly, from certain quarters, mainly from the GS of previous GDS organization to split and weaken the rock – like unity of Postal employees. Shall we allow such leaders to break the unity of Postal workers by stabbing from the back ? Shall we allow the Government to break our unity by joining hands with such leaders ? No, we shall not. We shall expose those disruptors and at any cost, shall uphold the unity of the Postal workers and march forward under the banner of NFPE for protecting the interest of the Postal employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks. Let us fight against the policy of the Government and make the 12th December Strike a thundering success. And to this direction,we believe that your conference will take an important role and achieve a grand success.    

             With warm greetings and  RED SALUTE .

              Comradely yours,

             S/d                                                         S/d                                                 S/d

 BIJOY GOPAL SUR                             NIRMAL DEY                     JANARDAN MAJUMDAR
  Circle Secretary                                     Circle Secretary                            Circle Secretary
 AIPEU, GDS ( NFPE )              AIPEU, Postmen & MSE/Gr-D             AIPEU, Group – C

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