Wednesday, March 12, 2014


   The copy of the letter is produced below for the knowledge of all.

All India Postal Employees Union Group-C
West Bengal Circle
37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata-13.
No: PC-37/Training                                                                                             Dated 11.03.2014.

To,                                                                                     MOST  URGENT
   Com. M.Krishnan,
   General Secretary,
   AIPEU Gr-C (CHQ),
   Dada Ghosh Bhavan,
   New Delhi.
                                          Sub: Arrangement of immediate joining of newly selected P.A.s in West Bengal Circle.

Dear Comrade,
                                 This is for your information that 409 new Postal Assistants have been selected in West Bengal Circle for the year 2011-12. Though the result has been declared in the month of December 2013, their joining has been halted due to non-completion of Police Verification Report (PVR). The department and the selected candidates have done everything on their parts, but the reports are pending almost in all cases with the Police Authority. Now as the calendar of the 16th Lok Sabha Election has been declared and it is the priority of State Administration, it appears far-fetched that Police authorities would do anything in coming three months or so.

                         In addition to the above candidates, the vacancy for the year 2013-14 has been declared and another 534 PAs will be waiting soon for joining in this Circle. Due to the acute shortage of staffs, the NFPE Group of Unions requested the Circle Administration to arrange their joining after providing in-house training like yesteryears, and the Chief PMG also discussed the matter in a recent video-conference with the concerned member of the Postal Directorate. But the Directorate rejected the proposal saying that provision of in-house training and joining thereafter was permitted only for two years relaxing the rule, and it could not be extended any more. At present, PVR is a pre-condition of induction training in Postal Training Centers (PTCs) and joining will follow after that. This is going to cause inordinate delay. There is also a possibility that if the PV Reports come early for some candidates from the bottom of the merit list, they would avail the training first and would be senior to the toppers.

                        This Circle Union has also cited that in North Bengal Region, an in-house training for candidates of 2011-12 has already been started and so, it should be allowed in all other regions of West Bengal Circle. But due to the rejection of the Directorate, the Chief Postmaster General has expressed his handicap and has requested us to approach the Directorate through the All India Union.

                        Thus, the present situation is ---- despite having huge vacancy and workload on the existing staffs in one side and a good number of capable, willing and successful candidates on the other, our Circle is losing their service and they are losing their seniority. They are in severe anxiety and mental strain. The irrational rigidity of the Postal Administration has become the bone of contention and pain for all. Under such constraints, we would like to channelize the sentiment of all the selected candidates in West Bengal Circle and request you to please take up the issue with the Directorate immediately for allowing the relaxation of the PVR condition this year due to announcement of the election, so that the department can get the service of the new P.A.s at the earliest. As the largest organisation in the department and also as most of the new P.As are with us in this Circle, we need to redress this issue with priority. Therefore, we are sincerely requesting your special attention.

                        With greetings,
Comradely yours,

                                                                                                                                  Janardan Majumder
                                                                                                                                    Circle Secretary

Copy to:
   All Divisional Secretaries, Group-C, West Bengal Circle ---- for information of all members and candidates.

Circle Secretary

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