Thursday, March 6, 2014


NFPE Group of Unions

________________ Divn

Resolution dated 07.03.2014.

              This demonstration of NFPE Group of Unions, _______________ Divn takes a grave note of incidents of trade union victimization in different divisions in West Bengal Circle and resolves to place the following demands before the administration.

·         Stop trade union victimization in Kolkata GPO and North Presidency Division. In Kolkata GPO, orders have been issued of dismissal from service against Sri Shankar Ghosh, former Secretary, P-IV union and Rule-37 transfers against present Group-C Secretary Sri Sambhu Chakraborty and former Group-C President Sri Samir Chakraborty. Orders of compulsory retirement have been issued in North Presidency Division. The justice has been maligned in various ways in these places vitiating all facts and justified arguments placed by our staff-members.

·         Stop vindictive actions by various divisional administrations like Tamluk, Coochbehar, North Hooghly, Malda etc. In Tamluk, a demonstration was held on 26-points charter of demands on 29.01.2014 observing all formalities which the Divl Supdt preferred to ignore. Being pressurized by higher administration, though he sat with our Divl unions on 07.02.2014, he did not settle even a single issue on the plea of all issues are administrative ones. Thereafter, he started various ill actions to harass our leaders and members for observing the demonstration. In Coochbehar and North Hooghly divisions, Divl Supdts have practically behaving like the spokesman of FNPO and attacking our members. In Malda Divn, there are specific complaints of harassment filed by few female staffs against the ASPOs(HQ), but there is no response from the C.O.

                   The above incidents are only illustrative to represent a scenario of exhaustive bias, nepotism and injustice specifically against our staff-members in many divisions in this circle. This demonstration expresses and communicates strong resentment and objection against such victimization and intentional attacks on our members and demands immediate effective intervention of the Circle level administration to avoid series of circlewide trade union action with severe intensity.

                                                                                                                                                      (signature of the President)      

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