Sunday, June 19, 2016

Joint Circle Working Committee Meeting of P-III, P-IV and GDS Union, West Bengal Circle.

     Extented Circle Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Gr. “C”and Circle Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU, Postman & MTS, West Bengal Circle held on and from 18-19 June’2016 at Tarapada Memorial Hall jointly. AIPEU, GDS took part on 19th June’2016.
     On 18th June’2016 Com Sukumar Mondal, President, P-IV and Com Janardan Majumdar, President, P-III and Dy. General Secretary (CHQ) presided over the meeting while on 19th June’2016 Com Ashis Dutta, President, GDS Union included in presidium.
     Except Sikkim and Andaman & Nikobar Island, all Branch/Division were in the meeting. Circle office bearers were present. After hoisting Red flag and garlanding matyrs’ colum meeting started at about 11.00 am on 18th June’2016. Com Pijush Roy, General Secretary, CGCC, inaugurated the joint meeting. All the Branch/Division (41 Comrades) took part in discussion over the draft paper placed before the house by Circle Secretaries.
     Discussions/suggestions/proposals on behalf of Branch/Divisional Secretaries/Comrades were unique and fitted with present situation.
     The items based on which discussion continued were:--
1.                 Membership verification in case of GDS – our role.
2.               Ensuing all India strike on 11th July’2016 at the call of NJCA.
3.               Problems of CBS/CIS – role of administration and our present tasks.
4.               Ensuing all India strike on 2nd Sept. ‘2016 at the call of all Central Trade Unions/Confederation/Federation.
5.                Formation of Circle Zonal Committee – prepation there of.
6.               Organisational achievements and short comings – from Branch/Division to Circle.
7.                Financial Review.
     Circle Secretaries replied nicely all the points/queries raised by Branch/Divisional Secretaries. Com Nirmal Ch Dey, Ex-Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Postman & MTS, Com Asit Das, Vice President and Dy. General Secretary (CHQ), AIPSBCOEA and Com Sanjib Barua, Circle Secretary, AIPSBCOEA, West Bengal Circle delivered their valuable speech.

     On behalf of president, Com Janardan Majumdar expressed vote of thanks and made sincere call to all the leaders/organisors to take all over preparation to success all organizational program. 

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