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   Dear Comrades, drafts for submission tomorrow are given below. You may take printouts and submit putting the names of divisions and other information. The copy of charter in respect of CBS-Finacle-CIS should be submitted to Divl Head and an additional copy may be submitted for onward forwarding to the Chief PMG. An advance copy of the charter should also be sent from all divisions to the Chief PMG.

        Please mobilise maximum number of staffs in tomorrow's and 17th's program (at Yogayog Bhawan).
For Strike :
NFPE Group of Unions
_________________________________ Divisional Branch
No:                                                                                                                         Date: 09.06.2016.

   The ………… (Head of Divn/Unit)
   …………………………….. Divn.

                                                        Sub: Serving strike intimation.
Dear Sir / Madam,
                                          This is for your kind information that as per the call of National Joint Council of Action, The Postal JCA comprising of NFPE and FNPO CHQs has decided to go on indefinite strike from 11th July 2016 in accordance with the provisions of Sub Section (1) of Section 22 of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 on Pay Commission and other departmental unsettled issues.

                  We, as the affiliates of NFPE, shall participate in the said strike in our division. The strike notice is being served by the NFPE CHQ to the appropriate authority. The strike charter of demands is enclosed herewith.

        Yours faithfully,

Secretary                                                         Secretary                                                  Secretary
GDS(NFPE)                                               Postmen & MTS                                              Group-C


Charter of Demands

1.         Settle the issues raised by the NJCA on the recommendations of the 7 CPC             sent     to Cabinet secretary vide letter dated 10th December 2015.
2.         Remove the injustice done in the assignment of pay scales to technical/safety         categories etc., in Railways & Defence, different categories in other Central Govt.      establishments by the 7 CPC.
3          Scrap the PFRDA Act and NPS and grant Pension/family Pension to all CG   employees under CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 & Railways Pension Rules, 1993.
4.         i) No Privatization/outsourcing /contractorisation of governmental functions.
            (ii)Treat GDS as Civil Servants and extend proportional benefit on pension and       allowances to the GDS.
5.         No FDI in Railways & Defence: No Corporatization of Defence Production Units       and Postal Department.
6.         Fill up all vacant posts in the government departments lift the ban on creation         of         posts; regularize the casual/contract workers.
7.         Remove ceiling on compassionate ground appointments.
8.         Extend the benefit of Bonus Act 1985 amendment on enhancement of payment       ceiling to the adhoc Bonus/PLB of Central Government employees with  effect       from the Financial year 2014-15.
9.         Ensure five promotions in the service career of an employee.
10.       Do not amend Labour Laws in the  name of Labour Reforms which  will take            away   the  existing benefits to the  workers.
11.       Revive JCM functioning at all levels.

1.         Implement Cadre Restructuring  in all  wings of Postal Department i.e. SA, Postmen, Mail Guard, Mailmen, MTS, MMS,PA SBCO,PA CO, Postal Accounts , Civil Wing and Postmasters Cadre etc.
2.         Upgrade the pay scales of various cadres in the Postal Department as demanded in the memorandum submitted to Seventh CPC and Secretary, Department of Posts.
3.         Filling up of all vacant posts in all cadres of Department of Post.
4.     No harassment and victimization for trade union activities/CBS/CIS and other matters.

Secretary                                                         Secretary                                                  Secretary
GDS(NFPE)                                               Postmen & MTS                                              Group-C
For CBS-Finacle-CIS Demands Day :

NFPE Group of Unions
_________________________________ Divisional Branch
No:                                                                                                                         Date: 09.06.2016.

   The ………… (Head of Divn/Unit)
   …………………………….. Divn.

                                         Sub: Submission of Charter of Demands on CBS-Finacle-CIS related issues.
Dear Sir / Madam,
                                          In the name of implementing CBS and CIS, due to improper planning, unrealistic haste and failure in managing corporate vendors, the Postal Administration has made our reputed, trusted and efficient services practically the worst one in the country. Instead of learning lessons from errors, the Departmental Administration is now busy in hiding their miserable inefficiencies and protecting the interest of corporate vendors. For this, our valued customers ---- mostly senior citizens who had been loyal and dear to us for decades ---- are not only leaving us, but our staffs are suffering in a manner beyond elaboration.  

                As a part of the series of organizational programs convened by our Federation (NFPE) against these blunders and desperate acts of the administration, today’s Dharna in our division / unit is enclosing a charter of demands in relation to these schemes, which are aimed at protecting the services of the department and thereby making an effort to protect the existence of the department.

              The charter of demands is submitted in three parts ---

A.      On CBS Issues.
B.      On the flaws of Finacle Software.
C.      On CIS Issues.
           Immediate action on the submitted demands is necessary to bring about a change in the department.

        Yours faithfully,

Secretary                                                         Secretary                                                  Secretary
GDS(NFPE)                                               Postmen & MTS                                              Group-C

Copy to:
   The Chief PMG, W.B.Circle, Kolkata-12 ---- for immediate action.

Secretary                                                         Secretary                                                  Secretary

GDS(NFPE)                                               Postmen & MTS                                              Group-C

Part A : On CBS Issues

1.      Enhance bandwidth both for NSP-1 & NSP-2 at least for single and double-handed post offices immediately. Ensure availability of both NSP-1 & NSP-2 at all SOLs.
2.      Blacklist SIFY if they fail to provide consistent data connectivity within a specified timeframe and float fresh tender inviting rates directly from companies having spectrum of their own, like BSNL.
3.      Invoke or introduce penalty measures against INFOSYS for failing to maintain accessibility of central server regularly, updating server during transaction hours or disabling several commands/menus of Finacle to reduce load on central server, resulting in chaos in post offices.
4.      Scrap all orders of ‘Business Continuity Plan’ (BCP) immediately which is devised only with the objective to hide inefficiency of INFOSYS and protect their interest by legalizing alternative way of manual work.
5.      Formulate time factor for CBS counters and related work and review workload of post offices.
6.      Publish a public notification in major dailies and electronic media to let people know the limitation of operative staffs of post offices to restore connectivity or access to central server to protect them from regular public abuse.
7.      Create separate establishment for CPC with increased staff strength, telephone lines. Lift ceiling of daily e-mails for better communications with all SOLs. Make SPOC more effective.
8.      Open more training centers and increase training period realistically (at least for 2 weeks).
9.      Replace all hardware declared condemned by divisions with new hardware in a time-bound manner. Supply Passbook printer and Laser printer to all CBS offices.
10.  Immediately engage armed security guards at all ATMs.
11.  Enhance financial power of the Divisional Heads realistically to support the need of technological upgradation.
12.  In case of prolonged link failure or inaccessibility of central server beyond working hours, there should be a clear standing order to allow operative staffs to leave office and an alternative machinery should be developed for EOD operation in such cases irrespective of status of Blocking Validation.  
13.  Immediately stop of vindictive transfer/punitive measures taken against staffs in connection with CBS issues in different divisions.
14.  Stop proceeding unilaterally with all schemes and ensure dialogue with staff-side regularly.

Part B : On the Flaws of Finacle Software

1.      CIF creation has a no. of fields related to customer but in AOF/KYC form no such fields are present.
2.      Every transaction to be verified by Super but transaction which is in posted status, Super cannot do any alteration/modification.
3.      The agent opens a customer deposit account from a different SOL under the same HO, the agent commission/TDs is showing in the parent SOL, it needs to be corrected manually in reports.
4.     The errors appearing in the finacle page in technical term are not easily understandable by the end-users.
5.      Reversal command HCRT needs to be activated, as there is no such reversal can be done for RD excess deposit.
6.      In case of single handed POs, there are two User- ID for the same person. The same person is making & checking the same transaction, time consuming and at the same time they get confused about the user ID and sometimes do account closure like transaction from Supervisor ID and cannot verify.
7.      Some POs send requisition for cheque for maturity payment to customer. In case of forfeiture/ post maturity closure, cannot check the PMI value from system and manually calculating the PMI which differs during the actual closure.
8.      In Finacle, single/ multiple click may not make some transaction or may create multiple transactions during link/Finacle server problem. There should be a check point to avoid such mishap.
9.      Multiple certificates of same registration no. are generally closed by certificate bulk closure option. In a no. of cases 60% of certificates are closed but not 100% successfully.
10.  In case of MIS cash closure , closure amount can be transferred to teller account by menu HCASHPND but surprisingly the bonus amount get credited in Postmaster Cheque account (SOL ID+0340) which needs to be reverted manually by executing another menu.
11.  Amount can be withdrawn from a SB account by a User even the balance goes to negative figure.
12.  In case of some offices that SAS agents are not appearing in TD account opening page but same agent is coming in case other deposit type account opening.
13.  SSA report, monthly report scheme wise, live/silent account report should appear in HFINRPT menu.

Part C : On CIS Issues

1.      Separate establishment should be created for each CPC with adequate infrastructure like record room, telephone line etc. Head offices are suffocating for diverting staffs continuously for establishments like Business Office, PLI CPC etc. Diverted posts from Divisional Offices are not sufficient to handle the workload.
2.      Huge numbers of policies, especially RPLI, are not updated yet. In case of some divisions, the C.O. itself is responsible for that. A separate drive should be made by deploying additional workforce for updating all policies in a time-bound manner and discontinue the unhealthy system of updating through ‘csv files’.
3.      Instruct INFOSYS for consistent server accessibility, else penalty clause should be invoked.  
4.      Formulate and publish time factor for PLI CPCs.  

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