Monday, August 8, 2016


 Comrades, as decided and already circulated by Postal Coordination Committee, please ensure holding demonstration tomorrow (09.08.2016) at recess hours in all divisions and submit a resolution in the following text along with the charter of demands given below the text.

NFPE Group of Unions
________________ Division

Resolution Dated 09.08.2016. 

    The demonstration of the above unions organised at ............... notes with deep anguish and serious concern that the West Bengal Circle Administration is quite reluctant to settle different staff-related issues despite placement by the Circle Union through different communications and dialogues from time to time. These issues not only include demands raised from personal and collective difficulties of staff, but also involves implementation of different departmental orders in this Circle, which was actually imperative duties of the Administration itself. 

    This demonstration further expresses its strong resentment over the reality that had these issues been settled, the working environment and quality of service would be elevated, but yet these had been neglected by the Administration. In many cases, though assurances were given, nothing materialised over the time.

   All these together have created a situation of compulsion for all the staff-members of the above organisations to resolve to reiterate the notice given by the Circle Unions to settle the charter demands submitted through letter no. PC-25/Joint Movement dated 05.08.2016 within 15 days from this day.

   This demonstration further resolves to launch Circle-wide trade union movement of unprecedented intensity through phases, the first course being the program of continuous Hunger-Fast on 23-24th August 2016 at Yogayog Bhawan, if effective and visible actions are not taken by the Administration within the stipulated period. The charter of demands is enclosed for ready reference. 


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