Monday, August 22, 2016


  The scheduled hunger-fast program on 23-24 August 2016 at Yogayog Bhawan has been decided by all Circle Unions to be deferred for now. The decision has been arrived at from the meeting of Postal Coordination Committee (PCC), West Bengal, on 20.08.2016 attended by all Circle Secretaries, available Circle office bearers and All India office bearers. In the meeting, PCC has pondered over a written request received from the C.O. communicating the message from the Chief PMG, W.B. Circle, which is produced below.  

         The PCC agreed on the points that the assurance expressed by the administration in the above letter cannot be relied upon blindly, our previous experience tells us so. More so, the arguments placed through the letter are mostly far from the facts. Undoubtedly, these points should be contested in writing immediately. The negligence of the administration to our causes was definitely deliberate to some extent. Some of the officers were even over-enthusiastic to turn down staff-issues. We do not expect everything to be changed overnight by a letter of C.O.

     Yet, PCC has also considered that finally the Chief PMG appears to intervene into the charter of demands submitted by us. It is also likely that our issues would be sent to all PMsG by her for action as assured in the letter. So, the preliminary actions and words of the Circle Head deserve some respect from us, at least for a reasonable period. 

       Therefore, the Circle Unions, in the said meeting, decided to issue a letter jointly to the Chief PMG protesting the arguments of the C.O. letter. The letter will be produced in this blog shortly. At the same time, the hunger-fast program would be deferred, but as the issues are of no less importance to us, a demonstration will be observed at the main gate of Yogayog Bhawan on 24th August 2016 at recess hours. If the administration fails again to fulfil the assurances, this deferred program will be relaunched during middle of the September 2016 with more intensity.  

      Accordingly, comrades are requested to propagate this development and change in the program among all our members. At the same time, comrades of Kolkata city and neighbouring divisions are requested to flood the gathering of the demonstration on 24.8.16 at Yogayog Bhawan gate to show our consolidation and intolerance to administrative apathy any further.  

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