Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The Circle Computer Sub-committee has met in  a meeting today at 6 P.M. at Circle Union Office. Attending members have discussed the implication and possibilities after the Technology Seminar in New Delhi on 21.11.2009. 
A consensus has been reached that on All India basis, there is a visible slow yet steady organisational progress. West Bengal Circle should now take up a two-way policy ---- firstly, to strengthen the situation in the circle; secondly, to gear up the efforts in this field at All India level as was done earlier.
As it is noted that many members of the committee are finding difficulty to attend the meeting in the evening of working days  due to distance and nature of work and the situation now requires a thorough discussion, a decision has been taken to hold a Sub-committee meeting on a Sunday, providing ample time for all members to ensure presence. The tentative date is 17th January , 2010. North Bengal members of the sub-committee (from Coochbehar & Jalpaiguri) are requested to book reservations. Comrades are requested to be in touch.  

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