Wednesday, September 15, 2010

3rd  OCTOBER  2010 
          As the 2nd CIRCLE TECHNOLOGY CONVENTION is approaching fast and this program has  distinct differences with other traditional programs, the Circle Union is releasing following information & guideline in consultation with the Circle Computer Sub-Committee to steer the convention effectively. As we would be facing time pressure to finish the convention in a day, all delegates and organisers are requested to follow this guideline meticulously and prepare themselves before attending the convention.
       The venue is Sinthi Chorus Hall at 1/1/43 A, Dum Dum Road, Kolkata-2. It is a minute's walk from Chiria More to Dum Dum station and can be reached by auto or cycle rickshaw from Dum Dum station towards Chiria More. 
  1. Gr-C Divisional Secretary will mandatorily attend with 4 P.A.s working as System Assistants. Circle Sub-Committee members will NOT be counted as part of divisional delegate.
  2. Delegate fee is Rs.100/- per head. Divisional Union will also please provide the conveyance. Secretaries will please display posters supplied from Circle Union for maximum publicity among staff & administration.
  3. Everyone should reach the venue latest by 9 A.M. on the date. Program will start sharp at 10 AM after lunch. Those who intend to  reach Kolkata the preceding day, arrangement for stay will be available.
  4. Dr. Debesh Das, Hon'ble Minister of IT, Govt of W.B., will inaugurate the convention. Chief PMG Sri S.K.Chakraborti will be the Chief Guest, DPS (HQ) Sri Sanjeev Ranjan will be the special guest. Entire Group-C Circle Union, CGCC and 12th July Committee leaders will grace the convention. Com. K.Raghavendra, leader of the Confederation & former Secretary General, NFPE will be felicitated from the Circle Union.
  5. Sufficient time will not be available to take speaker from each division. So, maximum 2 speakers may speak @10 minutes each (or, one for 20 minutes) from each Circle Union zone (detailed below). They will cover issues from all divisions in their zones. Points of speech are specified below. 2 Circle Sub-Committee members will coordinate in each zone before the convention so that the speakers are ready and composed by all means. As sub-committee members are the organisers on behalf of the Circle Union and presenting the work paper, they will not be among speakers.     
  1.  Problems of software & hardware --- much already discussed. Many mails have been sent to Mysore PTC / SDC, Chennai. This is basically an All India issue. These problems may be pointed out but with minimum time. Please give more time to enumerate status of condemnation, replacement of condemned hardware, situation & performance of AMC, supply of Anti-virus, no. of web-applications functioning, status of UPS & generators etc. A statistical note be prepared & submitted to president. Custodian & user of SQL password, if it not handed over to SSPOs / SPOs, reasons thereof. Whether any discussion made with divisional union in this regard.
  2. Irrational planning, whims & whips of the administration especially after introduction of Project Arrow. Tendency of getting work done in irregular ways on verbal order ---- signature scanning, delivery of articles etc. to elevate KPI. How is the situation after deferred  indefinite postal strike? Whether divisional union has taken any action to counter these irregularities and other problems.
  3. Violation of working hour. It would be a bigger problem with expansion of Project Arrow now in Phase-V. Awareness of threats of Internet among staff & administration. How many such attacks experienced while running web applications? How are they neutralised?
  4. The situation needs strong bridge between the union & the S.A.s, but through numerous instances it is noted that the leadership is unresponsive, and despite repeated requests & efforts --- participation of S.A.s in organisational programs is almost absent. Involvement in programs & functioning does not always need physical presence. Despite nature of work, some programs should have been attended. There are serious lack of understanding among the S.A.s themselves. Communication gap among themselves and with the organisation is still at disappointing position. Frank & open-minded discussion & self-criticism should be reflected in speech. Whether Computer Sub-committee is formed in the divisions of the zone, if not, what initiative has been noted from Divisional leadership & the S.A.s.
  5. The speaker should highlight the status of his zone during the days of Non-cooperation (5th-9th July). It is to be reported before the house whether they got any instruction from the divisional leadership.
  6. Who is the custodian of SQL password? Whether serious efforts have been made to hand it over to SSPOs/SPOs with the help of the union.
  7. The situation of T.A. bill / sanction of leave for S.A.s in different divisions of the zone. Initiative in division to prepare new S.A.s to share the load, role of present S.A.s & the union.
  8. Their assessment & expectation on the functioning of the Circle Sub-committee.
  9. Delegates may add additional points if it is discussed & decided during preparation with the Coordinators from sub-committee (details below), but please avoid repeating.  
  10. On cadre restructuring, there is nothing new on our part to demand or discuss. We shall hear the position from Com. Raghavendra.
Com. Abhijit Basu(9874056801) with Com. Debjit Mukherjee.  : Kolkata Zone=> East, Central, South, North Kolkata, PSD, Foreign Post, GPO, CSD, RLO, Alipore H.O., Barabazar H.O. Addtionally, they will  please also contact Andaman.

Com. Jayanta Chandra(9883198933) with Com. Soumya Pramanik & Subhrangsu Sadhu. : Howrah Zone=> Howrah, South Hooghly, North Hooghly, Asansol, Burdwan.

Com. Bijan Chakraborty(for no. see below) with Com. Rajib Chowdhury(9434070258) : North Bengal Zone=> Jalpaiguri, Malda, Darjeeling, Dinajpur, Sikkim, PSD Siliguri, Coochbehar.

Com. Prasit Mukherjee(9038645915) with Com. Prithwiraj Dey  : Presidency Zone=> South Presy, North Presy, Barasat, Nadia South, Nadia North, Murshidabad, Birbhum.

Com. Nripendranath Mahato(9474621724) with Com. Dipankar Sarkar : Medinipur Zone=>Midnapore, Tamluk, Contai, Bankura, Purulia.

Coordinators will ensure exchange of opinions, collection of problems etc. on the above points. Efforts are to be made so that all S.A.s in the zone can be contacted. Divisional Secretaries are to be approached for participation & opinion. Where possible (like Kolkata, Howrah, Presidency zones), S.A.s should decide through a meeting in presence of the coordinator. In other zones, phone calls & e-mails may serve the purpose. If required, few divisions may arrive a day earlier (2nd October) to hold the meeting in Kolkata. At any stage, you may contact Com. Bijan Chakraborty, Jt. Convener & Asstt. Circle Secretary at 9831209684 / 9432937329. 


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