Monday, September 27, 2010


   Department of Posts has released the status of unions based on the result of membership verification for the year 2010. We are proud that all the federated unions which were the largest in their respective cadres, still hold their strength, while two newly formed unions of SBCO (AIPSBCOEA) and Postal Civil Wing (AIPCWEA) have got recognition on achieving requisite membership.

    From our experiences we knew that postal employees would always stand by the side of the fighting force. Irrespective of the results, the working class always sees whether their leadership is sincere, laborious and honest with them. No matter how much the bureaucracy and the administration help the compromising force to convince and confuse them, the postal workers have chosen NFPE again as the most trusted organisation. It is upto the organisers to keep the honour of the trust.

    The result of the Administrative Union and the GDS unions are withheld and will be shortly published. We have no doubt that we shall come out with flying colours in these unions as well. This declaration will be valid for 5 years. The scanned copy of the order will be available in NFPE blog or in the following links.
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