Sunday, December 11, 2011

  1. A joint working committee meeting of four divisional unions of Tamluk division have been held at Dak Karmi Bhavan, Tamluk. Around 60 comrades were present in the meeting, including one lady comrade. Delegates of Circle Conference, P-IV AIC and AIC of Part-time & Contingent-paid workers reported respective programs in front of the house. The meeting has also started serious preparation for the proposed indefinite strike fron 17.01.2012. From Circle Union, Com. Annwesha Biswas spoke on the situation and the ensuing programs.
  2. The divisionsl unions of Burdwan division arranged their joint working committee today at Burdwan H.O. Around 50 comrades were present including one lady comrade. The meeting had detailed discussion on the issues of administrative attacks in the division, instances of political interference by reactioninst forces, Kalyani Circle Conference and P-IV AIC at Indore. The dates from meetings at different zones had been finalised. The attacks on the workers, on small savings and the significance of the ensuing indefinite strike had been elaborated by Com. Bijan Chakraborty and Com. Bikash Ghosh, from Gr-C & P-IV Circle Unions respectively.   
  3. The Group-C divisional union of Howrah division arranged a special drive for awareness in technology and overview of the departmental software, including an interactive session today at the Computer Training Center of Howrah H.O. Selected 19 comrades were present for the day long program. System Assistant comrades of Howrah division shared their expertise and experience with others in the seminar. Other divisions may also consider holding such classes as it would be a very useful one for the comrades. From Circle Union, Com. Samir Chakraborty was present.
  4. A team of Circle Union is visiting Sikkim division now, comprising of Com. Janardan Majumder, Com. Asit Das, Com. Mukkul Das et. al. for organisational purposes. A remarkable meeting has been finished few hours before at Gangtok. The report and the detail will appear in the blog shortly.

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