Monday, August 15, 2011


Dear comrades,
                              You have already learnt that the Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle, has issued an order to all divisions to disengage all part-time chowkidars of the circle. In recent years, the organisation is continuously struggling for the due benefits and status of the part-time contingent-paid workers. We apprehended that the hidden intention of the department is to throw them out of job by arising different arguments. The order of the Circle Head has established the anti-worker attitude of the department and revealed the mentality of the Central Govt. to the working class.

                             The Circle Unions have called upon all divisional leadership to hold a demonstration tomorrow, 16.08.2011, and send a resolution to the Chief PMG, W.B.Circle, in the following text.
RESOLUTION  DATED  16.08.2011.
    Todays demonstration of NFPE Group of Unions, ____________________ division is deeply concerned about the recent order of the Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle, to disengage the Part-time Chowkidars from work in our circle.

               The demonstration resolves to demand to the Circle Administration to repeal the order immediately to avoid serious staff resentment and trade union movements circle wide.
                                                  (sig. of the President of the meeting)