Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Report on Circle Conference of AIPEU Gr-C, Postmen and MSE/Gr-D
                                   And GDS(NFPE), WB Circle

The 36th Circle Conference of AIPEU Group C, 32nd Circle Conference of AIPEU Postmen & MSE/Group-D and 2nd Circle Conference of GDS(NFPE) were held on & from 27-30 October in Central Kolkata. After hoisting the Red Flags and garlanding the Martyrs Column, the joint open session started at about 10-30 in the morning at Mahajati Sadan, Kolkata on 27th October. At the beginning one classical (singing and dancing) portrait having title ‘ADHIKAR KE KAKE DAI……….(which means, without struggle no rights can be achieved)’. Presidium comprising Tapan Dasgupta, Jaharlal Pramanick & Saifuddin Ahemed presided over the open session. Eminent economist and also ex-Finance Minister of our state Dr. Asim Dasgupta inaugurated the open session. He nicely described the entire global position and also the onslaughts of new liberal economic policies of Central Govt on our country including service sectors like Post offices, Banks, LICs etc. He had a frantic call to the audience to build up united struggle against this new liberal policy. He also stressed on the necessity of united struggle to restore the democratic rights in our state, which has already been curbed in the era of present Govt. In the open session Comrade M. Krishnan Secretary General, NFPE delivered his valuable speech. Before his speech he released one book “25 YEARS OF NFPE AND ITS CONTEMPORARY MOVEMENTS” written by Comrade Shiv Shankar Roy, our respected leader. Three pioneers of historical 1946 postal movements Com. Jyotsna Basu, Com. Sisir Bhattacharya & Com. Parimalananda Dey Bhowmick were sincerely honoured in open session.
Delegate Session started in the afternoon of 27th and continued till 30th evening. Circle Secretaries placed  biennial report in their respective session, which as per opinion of the delegates/observers was a good document having educative values. In Group C no of delegates was 93 and no of observers was 75. Amongst them 13 were lady comrades. Including 7 lady comrades 52 delegates took part on discussion on secretarial report & organizational review. Here, one biographical book ‘ COM. NANI BANERJEE- HIS SACRIFIES AND DEDICATION’ written by Com. Rabindralal Bhattacharya ex Dy. Secretary General, NFPE was also released.
In Postmen & Group-D, including 9 lady comrades 152 delegates/observers were present in delegate session. Including 2 lady comrades 39 delegates took part   on discussion on secretarial report & organizational review.

In GDS (NFPE) no of delegates/observers were 94 out of which 24 delegates   took part   on discussion on secretarial report & organizational review.
In all the three delegate sessions, prominent leaders including Com M. Krishnan, Com I.S.Dabas , Com P. Pandurangorao, Com S.S.Roy & Com R.L. Bhattacharya made their nice speech which enriched us. Our previous leadership of different divisions were also present in the conference to encourage todays’ leadership.

The main points which were discussed- attack on postal services & our task thereof, future of GDS organization and our role, membership of all organizations, setting up of Post Bank of India-its merits & demerits, review of previous strike including 12th December,2012 and role of organizations at different tiers, Cadre restructuring & Postmaster Cadre, filling up of all vacant posts including GDS, demands of System administrators/PORMS accountants/Marketing executives & role of our Department, finalization of HSG-I recruitment rules, proper infrastructure of computerization  & MGNREGS, attack of administration on our members and our role, role of our higher forum like NFPE, CHQ, CGCC, 12t July Committee , our different publications like Sangramee Dak, Bharatiya Post, Postal Life, Rural Postal Employee etc.
In all the three sessions a large no of proposal on some burning & legitimate issues were adopted. One Exhibition on ‘BABU TARAPADA MUKHERJEE AND HIS WORKS” was also conducted & made open during the conference session.  On 28th there was a cultural programme at Mahajati sadan where eminent film Director Shri Tarun Majumder was present and delivered encouraging speech to the delegates/observers. One high profile drama ‘MUKTIDIKSHA” written by Utpal Dutta was also staged, where conspiracy against first socialist Govt(formed in Parry in France) in world was reflected. As a memorabilia ‘RED FLAG’ was gifted to all the 35 divisions of our Circle. It seems a model conference to strengthen our unity and build up united struggle to save our Department as well as our country from the onslaughts of new liberal economic policies. This is also a unique and historical conference. Our comrades have tried at their level best to cultivate the idealism of NFPE particularly when we have been passing through a critical time.
President-Sukumar Mandal,Vice-President- Sushil Majumder,Anita Thakur,Bharat Bauri, Secretary-  Nirmal Chandra Dey, Dy. Circle Secretary-Sanatan Das,    Asst.Circle Secretary- Krishna Rai,Subhash Chakraborty,Manas Khatua,Financial Secreatry-Mukul Chandra Das,Asst Fin Secretary-Pranab Das, Org. Secretary-Bikash Chandra Ghosh,Biplab Saha,Sashanka Sekhar Nag,Srikanta Basu.
President-Saifuddn Ahemed,Vice President-Jaydeb Kundu,Asish Datta,Sukumar Bose,Secretary-Bijay Gopal Sur,Asst. Secretary-Animesh Sarkar,Tarun Goswami,Asish Halder,Madan Mohan Das,Financial Secretary-Tapan Bharati,Asst. Fin Secretary-Madhabi Sarkar, Org.Secretary- Bidyut Roy, K.P.Sharma, Nilratan Chakraborty, Akhilbandhav Mahato.
President - Tapan Dasgupta, Vice President - Debjyoti Gupta, Sukumar Kabiraj, Dilip Soren,Secretary -Janardan Majumder,Asst. Secretary-Somnath Goswami,Gouranga Dev Maity,Nanda Sen,Bijon Chakraborty,Asit Bangabas,Financial Secretary- Manoj Kumar Shaw,Asst Fin Secretary-Anneshwa Biswas,Org. Secretary-Samir Chakraborty, Uttam Paul,Sachhidananda Biswas.
                                                West Bengal Circle
                           37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata-13
PC-35/ Recruitment                                                          Dated 21.11.2013
Sri J.Panda,
Chief Postmaster General,
West Bengal Circle,
Yogayog Bhavan,

Sub: Filling up of unfilled (departmental quota) vacancies in PA cadre for the year 2010 & 2011.
Dear Sir,
            This is in continuation of our recent discussions with you on recruitment in PA cadre. However, once again this union would like to draw your kind attention to your office letter no Rectt/X-13/Exam/GDS/2010-12 dated 09/08/2012, wherein it was cleared that the examination for the year 2010 & 2011 will be held as per guidelines of the department on the same day and time on the basis of same syllabus with the outside candidates. And accordingly the examination was held both for the candidates of open market and eligible GDS on the same date. Now after recent publication of the results of the direct recruitment for PA & SA cadre for the year 2011 & 2012 it is learnt that the declared vacancies of unfilled (departmental quota) vacancies for the year 2010 and 2011 have not been considered.
            Actually, in accordance with the notification issued by D.G (Posts) letter no 37-47/2010-SPB.I)PT) dated 23/04/2012, the unfilled vacancies of Departmental quota that still remains unfilled from the GDS staff should be filled up from open market candidates according to merit. On the basis of this ruling position, the result from open market candidates (if the GDS do not qualify) would have been declared at a time against unfilled vacancies of departmental quota for the year 2010 & 2011.
            In these circumstances, this union urges upon you to pursue this serious issue with Postal Directorate to explore further avenues for more recruitment in our department.            A line in reply taking necessary action will be highly appreciated.
Thanking you.                                                      Yours faithfully
                                                                        (Janardan Majumdar)
                                                                              Circle Secretary. 
Copy to: 1)Sri Sanjeev Ranjan, DPS(HQ),O/o the  CPMG,WB Circle-for   intimation & necessary guidance.    
2-35) Br/Divisional Secretaries-for intimation.
                                                                        (Janardan Majumdar)
                                                                             Circle Secretary. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Very Urgent letter ( for new entrants in PA Cadre ) to Chief PMG, West Bengal Circle

37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata – 700 013

PC-35/Recruitment                                                                                   dated 19-11-2013


Sri J. Panda,
Chief Post Master General,
West Bengal Circle,
Yogayog Bhawan,

Sub:  Expedition of pre-appointment formalities for Postal Assistants /Sorting Assistants / PA SBCO for
         Direct Recruitment for the years 2011 & 2012.   

Dear Sir,

             Kindly recall the discussions this union had with you yesterday on the above subject at your chamber.

             Once again this is to mention that it is a good news to our postal family that result of direct recruitment for the year 2011 & 2012 has recently been published and a large number of PAs / SAs / PASBCO are going to enter in our department.  What in our last discussions both you and we opined is that on the background of present era of technological development these young, energetic and talented girls and boys will be much helpful and effective to our department. And hence we earnestly requested you to have a constant supervision from higher level administration so that the pre-appointment formalities for these new entrants get completed at the earliest exploring easy avenues for their appointment. Unfortunately, we are receiving some information that in some divisions like North Presidency, Dinajpur, Tamluk etc the local administration are not shouldering almost any responsibility to expedite the entire process and as a consequence there is already a space that  both the new entrants and also the respective division will have to suffer bitterly. However, in our discussions we also requested you to provide in house training for them so that before requisite induction training they can join easily.  

             In these circumstances this union urges upon you to intervene in to this matter personally and issue necessary instruction in general so that these newly recruited candidates may get appointment as soon as possible.

             Thanking you,


                                                                                                       Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                        ( J.Majumdar)
                                                                                                       Circle Secretary   
Copy to : All Division / Branch Secretaries for intimation – they are also requested to pursue this case with the local authority constantly.                
                                                                                                        ( J.Majumdar)
                                                                                                       Circle Secretary   

Friday, November 15, 2013

    The result of P.A. recruitement for the years 2011-2012 has already been published. From Circle Union, we have communicated names of all successful candidates to all branch/divisional unions on the same evening. Our dedicated activists are already in contact with all of them.

    The Circle Union congratulates all the candidates for their success and welcomes them to join the family of All India Postal Employees Union Group-C, federated with NFPE, the biggest organisation in our department, with about 75% membership in West Bengal Circle and nearly 72% membership all over India. With you all, we shall lead towards a better department with intellectual excellence.

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