Saturday, March 30, 2013

Circle Working Committee Meeting at Tarapada Memorial Hall, on 05.4.2013 at 10 A.M

                        37, GANESH CHANDRA AVENUE, KOLKATA – 700 013.

No. PC – 34 / C.W.C                                                                                     Date :25.03.2013.

          It is hereby notified that Circle Working Committee Meeting of All India Postal Employees Union Group ‘C’, West Bengal Circle Branch will be held at 10 A.M on 05.04.2013 at Tarapada Memorial Hall, 37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata-13. Circle Union Office bearers are requested to attend the meeting in time.


1.    Confirmation of the proceedings of the last working committee meeting.
2.    Review of Strike (20-21 Feb’13) held at the call of Central Trade Unions and Federations/  C.G Confederation
3.    Review of 29th All India Conference held at Kerala.
4.    Organizational Review and present tasks(including membership verification).
5.    Attack of Administration at different level and our role thereof.
6.    Financial review, particularly w.r.t ensuing Conference of Confederation.
7.    .Misc.(with the permission of Chair)
Copy to:
1.The Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle, Kolkata ---- for favour of information and necessary action for granting Special Casual Leave with necessary transit to all the CWC members  enabling them to attend the meeting in time.         
2.Sri Tapan Dasgupta, President & PA, R.R.Sarani S.O, East Kolkata Division.
3.Sri Debajyoti Gupta, Vice President .APM,Barrackpur H.O, North Presy Division
4.Sri Pranab Bhattacharjee, Vice President & PRI(P). Jalpaiguri H.O, Jalpaiguri Division.
5.Sri Asim Kumar Deb, Vice President, SPM, Hridaypur S.O, Barasat Division
6.Sri Janardan Majumdar,Circle Secretary & PA, Princep St P.O., Central Kolkata Divn.
7.Sri Gouranga Dev Maity,Asstt Circle Secy & APM( Accounts), Barrabazar H.O.
8.Sri Somenath Goswamy.Asstt. Circle Secy. & PRI ( P ) New Alipore P.O, South Kol Divn
9.Smt. Nanda Sen, Asstt Circle Secy & PA Pradhannagar S.O,Darjeeling Division.
10.Sri Bijan Chakraborty  Asstt. Circle Secy & PA , Baruipur H.O., South Presy Divn.
11.Sri Asit Bangabas, Asst Circle Secretary, O.A, Divisional Office, Barasat Divn
12.Sri Samir Chakraborty, Org. Secy & PRI(P), Chinsura H.O., North Hooghly Divn.
13.Sri Uttam Kumar Pal, Org. Secretary,SPM,Laboni Estate P.O, East Kolkata Divn.
14.Sri Sachidananda Biswas, Org. Secretary,PA, Kolkata GPO.
15.Sri Manoj Kr.Shaw, Financial Secretary  & PA, East Kolkata Divn(now attached with Barabazar H.O).
16.Sri Annwesha Biswas, Asst Financial Secretary, RPA, Kalyani HO, Nadia South Divn- all Circle Union Office Bearers are requested to attend the meeting in time by availing Spl C. L.
17–19) The Postmaster General, Kol Region/South Bengal /North Bengal & Sikkim Region.
          20)  The Director, Kolkata GPO.
 21-25)  SSPOs, East Kolkata / Central Kolkata / South Kolkata/  North Presidency / Jalpaiguri/ /  26) The Chief Postmaster, Barabazar HO
27-31) SPOs,Barasat / North Hooghly / Darjeeling / South Presidency/Nadia Sooth 
              --- for information. They are requested to grant Special Casual Leave to the Circle            
                 Union   Office  Bearers for enabling them to  attend the meeting in time.
           32-35) Spares