Friday, December 31, 2010


        The Circle and Kolkata GPO administration has issued transfer orders for two officials under Rule-37 of P & T Manual vol-IV, one to South Presidency and the other to South Nadia Divisions.

          These orders have been issued at such a time when the Circle Unions have interfered to clinch the complications between GPO staff-side & the administration. We do not think that there can be any issue which cannot be settled on the table of discussion. The complication originated when the administration deviated from their earlier assurance and made an effort to redeploy more posts from GPO to other divisions beyond justification and without taking any concrete workload. Unpleasant situation was invited by the administration in that way during a local demonstration by our branch unions of Kolkata GPO.

             Two officials of GPO have already been charge sheeted under Rule-14 of CCS (CCA) Rules, and now they are transferred under Rule-37 to far-flung divisions curbing their service conveniences. 

               The Circle Unions have called upon the branch & divisional secretaries of branches & divisions in Kolkata city to participate in a massive demonstration at the C.O. at 1:30 P.M. tomorrow. All other branch & divisional unions will also hold lunch-hour demonstration against the atrocity and send a savingram to the Chief Postmaster General in the following text :

Savingram  dated  31.12.2010.

 ======  Stop administrative attacks & vindication on staffs   XXX  Drop charge sheets under Rule-14 & withdraw transfer orders under Rule-37 at Kolkata GPO   XXX   else we shall be compelled to launch circlewide severe trade union action   =====

Please send the savingram to the Chief Postmaster General by fax from all divisions. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


            In last few years, a number of posts in different cadres have been redeployed / diverted to other divisions. Circle Unions have made it clear that in no case staff should be moved unless he / she is personally interested. On common understanding with the Circle Administration, only posts identified as surplus in one unit / division has been redeployed / diverted in other unit / division.

              But it has been pointed out by almost all divisions who have received such redeployed posts that as per the present norms and guidelines of preparing the vacancy statement for a year, such new posts cannot be shown, and thus, practically such redeployment becomes ineffective and just another tool for post abolition.
               The Circle Union has studied the case with some divisions and it appears that the complaint has definite material in it.  We need concrete statistics to proceed against this irregularity due to which we have lost posts in disguise of redeployment or diversion.

                  Therefore, all Divisional Secretaries under Kolkata Region (other regions will follow shortly as per our request) are requested to please prepare a report on factual position in the following format :

  1. Year of receiving additional posts.
  2. No. of redeployed / diverted posts received alongwith Circle Office memo. no. 
  3. Vacancy statement for that year.
  4. Whether number of redeployed posts received could be added to the normal vacancy.


Friday, December 17, 2010


      A delegation of the Circle Union has met the Chief Postmaster General and discussed on the process of joining of new Postal Assistants as early as possible. 

            The matter of the selected P.A.s against the vacancies for the years 2006-2008 is not yet clear. Hon'ble Tribunal has concluded the hearing of their cases on 14th December last and yet not pronounced the verdict (order is under CAB). According to sources, the department will decide further course of action for them after vetting the judgement of the C.A.T. 

              For the candidates selected against the vacancies for the years 2009-10, the Circle Office is finalising a syllabus for an in-house training which would be provided to them for immediate joining even before the formal induction training. Actually, this has been instructed by the Postal Directorate through their circular dated 10.11.2010 (see the blog below). This syllabus will be sent to Directorate for approval and action will be taken consequentially. 
              The Circle Union has also placed a request in writing to exempt the candidates from further training who already completed induction training at Vadodara but not appointed (in the former batch) and again selected against the last vacancy. It is expected that this would be accepted by the department after due approval from competent authority. 

Monday, December 13, 2010


         West Bengal Circle Office has circulated a decision of the Postal Directorate, New Delhi, to offer appointment to the selected Postal Assistants against the vacancies for the years 2009-10, with an in-house training without delaying for the formal induction training. 

          The excerpts from the order of the Directorate circulated under our Circle Office no. Rectt/ R-8/ Direct Quota/ 2009-10 dated 22.11.2010 are reproduced below.
No. 60-9 / 2010-SPB-I
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi - 110001
Dated 10 November, 2010 
   All Chief Post Masters General.
   Sir / Madam,
                             .............. at present there is acute shortage of Postal Assistants/ Sorting Assistants (PAs/SAs) in the Circles with the result that many references are received from VIPs pointing out the shortage. Apart from it the issue of shortage of staff is raised in both the Houses of Parliament. ........
                             2. As per the procedure being followed the candidates selected for appointment of PA / SA after the completion of pre-appointment formalities viz. character and antecedents verification, medical examination and verification of their educational certificates are required to undergo training in PTCs before their services could be utilized. This often causes delay in making the offer of appointments because of nonavailability of seats with the result that they start looking for opportunities elsewhere and ultimately a good percentage of the selected candidates does not become available for appointment and the vacancies remain unfilled.
                            3. The matter has been considered in the Directorate and it has been decided by the competent authority that the Circles should take immediate action to ensure that the pre-appointment formalities of the candidates are completed at the earliest. In this regard following time-line may be followed :
  1. Declaration of results                           --------------            by 21.11.2010.
  2. Issue of offer of appointment ......        --------------            by 10.12.2010.
  3. Completion of pre-appointment formalities ------     by  10.02.2011.
  4. Issue of appointment order                  --------------       by 25.02.2011.
                              5. On completion of the pre-appointment formalities in respect of the candidates they may straight away be issued offer of appointment by the Circles.  This would motivate them to join as PA/SA immediately. Thereafter when they join they may be deputed for training as soon as the slots become available in the PTCs (Postal Training Center). Pending their training the Circle may issue their posting orders and commence their in house training by chalking out the course as far as possible based on PTC  syllabus depending on the resources available with them.   ........
                                                                                                             Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                             Director (SPN)
Copy To:  DDG (Training)'

           As per the spirit of the above observation by the Directorate, the Circle Union requests all Divisional Secretaries and organisers to closely watch over the progress of the joining procedure so that it is not delayed at any stage. Circle Union will meet the Chief Postmaster General on Wednesday / Thursday with the request to instruct all Divisional Heads clearly and accurately, as some of them have made few correspondences seeking clarifications.
           Candidates and their guardians may please keep close contact with our secretaries and try to expedite the verification procedure by contacting respective authorities, if possible.