Wednesday, December 29, 2010


            In last few years, a number of posts in different cadres have been redeployed / diverted to other divisions. Circle Unions have made it clear that in no case staff should be moved unless he / she is personally interested. On common understanding with the Circle Administration, only posts identified as surplus in one unit / division has been redeployed / diverted in other unit / division.

              But it has been pointed out by almost all divisions who have received such redeployed posts that as per the present norms and guidelines of preparing the vacancy statement for a year, such new posts cannot be shown, and thus, practically such redeployment becomes ineffective and just another tool for post abolition.
               The Circle Union has studied the case with some divisions and it appears that the complaint has definite material in it.  We need concrete statistics to proceed against this irregularity due to which we have lost posts in disguise of redeployment or diversion.

                  Therefore, all Divisional Secretaries under Kolkata Region (other regions will follow shortly as per our request) are requested to please prepare a report on factual position in the following format :

  1. Year of receiving additional posts.
  2. No. of redeployed / diverted posts received alongwith Circle Office memo. no. 
  3. Vacancy statement for that year.
  4. Whether number of redeployed posts received could be added to the normal vacancy.


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