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Cadre Restructuring of Group 'C' employees in Department of Posts

D.G. Post letter No. 25-04/2012-PE-I dated 27th May, 2016.

            The Cadre Restructuring of Group-C  employees of Department of Posts has been undertaken in consultation with Department of Expenditure , Ministry of Finance in pursuance of the approval concurrence of the Department  of Expenditure  vide ID No. 2(45)E.III Desk/2015 dated 12th May,2016 , a list at distribution of the posts containing the existing and revised posts  of Postal Assistants, Lower Selection  Grade, Higher Selection  Grade II & I and also a few HSG-I (Non-Functional Grade) is enclosed for implementation with the  following  instructions:

a)         The post of SPMs in Single  Handed  and Double Handed Post Offices  to the cadre of LSG posts (GP Rs.2800) shown in the  annexure now allotted to the Circle , will be placed in the Grade  Pay of Rs.2800/- in the Pay Band-I..

b)         The post of SPMs in Triple Handed Post Offices, in the extent of HSG-II  posts (GP4200) shown the annexure  now allotted  to the Circle and all other existing norms based LSG Posts in Post offices  will be placed in the Grade Pay of Rs.4200- in the Pay  Band-II. In no case, the total number of HSG-II posts shall exceed the number of posts allotted to the Circle.

C)        Existing  posts in HSG-II to the extent  of posts  now allotted  and shown in the annexure , will  be placed in the  Grade Pay of Rs.4600/- in the Pay  Band-II along with the existing  HSG-I Posts . Remaining HSG-II posts if any shall remain in the GP of Rs.4200 only. In no case, the total number of HSG-I posts shall exceed the number of posts allotted in the Circle.

d)         The Cadre Restructuring of these posts  are only in respect of the  posts from Postal Side  other  than the posts of RMS ., Circle and Regional Offices and SBCO Wings.

e)         If the revised number of posts is in excess of the existing strength of a particular grade the difference will be deemed as  newly sanctioned posts in that grade . Similarly, if the revised number of posts is in  a grade is less than the existing strength the number of posts equal to the difference  will be treated as having been  abolished in that grade.

 f)         The vacancies arising out of the restructuring will be filled up only from the amongst the official who fulfill the eligibility criteria  laid down in the recruitment rules  for the post.

g)         The new HSG-I (Non Functional  Grade)  with the grade  pay of Rs.4800/- is only  for those  who  are  senior  most  and completed  not less than a minimum service of 2 years  in HSG-I  subject to the  number of posts specified  for the Circle  in HSG-I (Non Functional  Grade) (for example  the number of NFG officials in AP Circle should never  exceed (17) after following usual procedure of non functional upgradation(s).

2.         These instructions will be effective from the date of issue of the orders. The actual benefit would however be admissible to the eligible officials from the date of actual promotion.

3.         Receipt of the order may be acknowledged. Immediate action initiated and compliance report sent at the earliest.
                                                                                                (Tarun Mittal)

                                                            Assistant Director General (PE-II)

Finacle : Program  called  by  CHQ  AND  An  Incident  of  Successful  Protest  in South Kolkata Division


     No elaboration is perhaps needed now. After unbelievable suffering of nearly a year with failure of Finacle, disastrous adventure of this administration now should face some different tune. Their whims have claimed our lives, our time from our families, our mental composure and everything else. Investors, Pensioners, Small Savings Agents are deprived, victimised, troubled and the relations we built up with the people were sold out to protect interest of Sify and Infosys.

      Our Circle Union was consistently pursuing protests at different levels since last 10 months. All promises made by PMGs in Bi-monthly meetings, Chief PMG in Four-monthly meeting, response to our letters, resolutions ---- ended up futile. They agreed with our arguments, but no result came out. A part of the administration tried as much as they could despite their limitation, but the policy-making part prevailed and they practically destroyed the service today. We staged demonstration exclusively on CBS issues in front of Yogayog Bhawan along with CGCC, Agents Association and Pensioners' Association. Nothing tangible happened. We effectively pursued our CHQ through CHQ members, proposals, letters, in Chandigarh Central Working Committee and a few days back at Dehradun Trade Union Study Camp. At the same time, we explained situation and our efforts to our comrades in the divisions where CBS meetings or workshops were organised.

     The CHQ finally has declared confrontation through a series of programs against this spineless administration oiling only Infosys and Sify. All comrades must have already noted it from the CHQ blog (

     From Circle Union, we request that the program in all divisions on 10th June, and at C.O. on 17th & 30th June must be red letter days in the history of our Circle. Arrange our comrades to take leave for participation in huge numbers leaving skeletal number of staffs at offices. Ask Agent Association and Pensioner Association to participate as well. Request all customers in our counters who suffered a lot these days to stay by our side. 

      We all were waiting to vent our grievances and anguishes through a suitable organisational program. Now it is our time. The humiliations, disappointments, frustrations and exploitations must be replied to through these programs. JOIN  AND  BE  A  PART  OF  HISTORY. 
(Cartoon courtesy : palegacy.

CBS : Administration backed out in South Kolkata Division facing protest of the Divisional Union 

    It has become almost normal that SPMs will be forced to release sign-off before migration without checking the correctness and integrity of data. Many incidents of pressure and threat came to our notice. In South Kolkata, the story is now different.

   Com. Papiya Hore, SPM, Roypur-Jorabagan S.O. and our Gr-C Divl working committee member, denied to sign off without being sure. Her office was migrating after running Sanchay Post for only 3 days. The SSPOs and Asstt. Supdts summoned her to Divl Office and threatened her even to suspend. Our brave comrade did not budge. Finally, the vindictive SSPOs arranged to relieve her to post to the remotest office in the division --- Bidhangarh P.O. --- a desolate place and a good 3 hours journey for her.

    South Kolkata Divl leadership contacted the circle union instantly, and as per the advices of the circle union jumped into action.  A letter as guided by circle union has been issued to the SSPOs and it was planned not to cooperate further in implementing CBS. Now the Divl Administration came under pressure and felt the heat. Being terrified to save repute before the higher administration and hide their inefficiency, the Divl Administration pleaded our Leadership not to resort to such action and requested for help.

       Our Divl Union agreed to cooperate, but with the condition to cancel the transfer memo of Comrade Papiya Hore, post her at her original office and also that she will give the sign off with the remarks that she was not allowed the time to supervise the data entry work.

     The Divl Administration backed out from their stance, accepted the sign off remarks, posted Comrade Hore in old office and committed that they shall not take any harsh action in connection with CBS issues without discussion with the union side.

     This was the line of action we were suggesting for all divisions. Protest must start from the grass-root. Please propagate this success of South Kolkata Division everywhere as an instance of trade union lesson in this situation.

    The Circle Union congratulates South Kolkata Divn comrades and especially Comrade Papiya Hore for her bravery. Kudos Comrades.     

Friday, May 27, 2016

Com. Anwesha Biswas, Circle Secretary AIPEU Gr - C, West Bengal Circle has written  & handed over  a letter to R. N. Parashar, General Secretary AIPEU Gr - C (CHQ) regarding LGO Exam (Postman to PA) in West Bengal Circle .

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Monday, May 16, 2016


     Swarnabha Nandi, the achiever of the 2nd rank in the state in higher secondary (10+2) examination this year securing 492 marks out of 500, is from the family of our Comrade Sanjoy Nandi and Smt. Mithu Nandi. Comrade Nandi, a member of AIPEU Group-C working committee of Dinajpur Division and resident of Balurghat, is now working as P.A., Beltala Park S.O.

     Swarnabha has reached this exceptional landmark by his hard work and his parent's able guidance. We share the privilege of great satisfaction and pride with Comrade Sanjoy Nandi and Smt. Mithu Nandi, and on behalf of all postal staffs in West Bengal Circle, congratulate the success of Swarnabha and wish him the best for future career.

    In the photograph above, Swarnabha is seen in between his parents along with Comrade Arghya Roy Gupta, Divisional Secretary, Group-C, Dinajpur Division, at extreme right.