Tuesday, August 31, 2010


           The Group-C Circle Union Team has met the candidates selected and trained under the PA cadre vacancies for the years 2006-2008 but denied appointment due to vigilance inquiry, alongwith their parents at Tarapada Memorial Hall today in two sessions. Around 40 candidates and 20 parents from different divisions were present in the discussion. 
         Our comrades know that the Circle Union delegation has met the Chief PMG on 23rd August 2010 in an elaborate discussion on Residual & ADR vacancies and the complication over the halt on appointment of these freshers.
         The Chief PMG has also met few candidates and a parent on the next day, i.e., on 24th. But his approach and views have frustrated them rather than assuring for a expedited justice.
         The Circle Union's views and the position are explained in following points for knowledge and necessary guidance of all organisers.

  1. The Chief PMG has intimated that he would send his findings to the Directorate very shortly. He has found 'some irregularities' in the recruitment procedure. He has suggested the candidates to apply for the new vacancy declared without bothering for the 'past'. While meeting the Circle Union he did hold almost same stance over the issue.
  2. The time required to conclude the inquiry cannot be confirmed now. The Chief PMG has reportedly told the candidates that 'before November, nothing will come out'. Circle Union, at this stage, cannot say anything. After the report of West Bengal Circle Office reaches the Directorate and the observation of the Dte. is obtained through the All India Union, we can have an idea.
  3. Although the candidates and their families are unhappy over the announcement of vacancy for 2009-10, the Circle Union has made it clear that there is no bar in the departmental recruitment rules which restricts the department from announcing vacancy for the following year even if the recruitment of earlier year is not settled conclusively. Apart from that, the divisional & Circle Unions have put immense efforts and toil to obtain the vacancies. So, the Circle Union would not ask the department to stop the recruitment procedure for 2009-10. It is badly required to bring some relief for the existing staffs. From broader social perspective also, we cannot prefer to keep some more youth jobless by objecting the recruitment procedure.
  4. The Union is equally anxious and demanding earliest settlement of the complication. Seeking relief from Court is a prominent question that is coming across many minds. The Circle Union does not discourage anyone or rule out the question, but we think that this moment is not appropriate to proceed legally. As the report of West Bengal Circle is reaching the Directorate, the department would pray for more time from the Bench and there is ample possibility of getting extended time. To establish the deprivation effectively at the court, we should wait for a reasonable time and watch whether the department comes out with a conclusion. If nothing comes out within a reasonable time, only the case of the applicants will be strengthened.
  5. It is only possible to say how much time can be regarded as 'Reasonable' after we get an idea from the Directorate. At this stage, we can assure that we shall remain with the candidates under any circumstance and will assist them with any ruling or paper if needed to justify their claim.
  6. A question has come up as the Chief PMG has hinted possibility of cancelling the entire panel. At this stage, even the Chief PMG does not know the fate of the inquiry, so it cannot called more than a rumour now. However, we can commit that if anything drastic happens, the Circle Union go upto any level including legal resorts with the candidates.
  7. Meanwhile, the Circle Union has again written to Com. K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary (CHQ) to pursue the matter vigorously. We are also actively considering to take up trade union programs with the candidates & their families. Divisional Secretaries should keep closest contacts with them regularly.     
                Comrades, Circle Union requests you all to remain very serious about the issue and related developments. We are in knowledge that a section inside our department is trying to bring in political influences for quite different purposes. To counter this malice, we should sincerely remain with the deprived candidates and bear their sentiments with extreme care considering their vulnerable state of mind. Those who involved in corruption should be punished, but everyone cannot be held at stake for misdeed of a few. We vouch to come out of this situation with justice for the innocent youngmen.

Monday, August 23, 2010


    A Circle Union delegation has met Chief PMG Sri Subhasish Sarkar today in a meeting scheduled to discuss the unresolved complications relating to filling up of P.A. vacancies in West Bengal Circle. The delegation was comprised of Comrades Tapan Dasgupta, Janardan Majumdar, Samir Bardhan, Nirmal Dey, Pranab Bhattacharya (G.S., Admin Union), Sanjay Chakraborty & Dyutiman Mukherjee. The delegation has been equipped with the information on sanctioned & physical strength in PA cadre as on 31.3.2009, promptly supplied by most of the Divisional Secretaries (except Barabazar H.O., Alipore H.O., PSD Kolkata, Murshidabad).
          The outcome of the discussion is briefed below for information of all comrades and necessary actions on relevant points.

  1. The Chief PMG has admitted that due to administrative lapses of different tiers, a sizable number of vacancy in P.A. cadre has been irreversibly lost, which could have been corrected if action was taken timely. He informed that during the period of 2001 - 2004 due to wrong calculation a good number of residual vacancies were lost. According to the ruling position of the Directorate, it is a closed chapter. No further rectification is possible.
  2. Presently, 182 posts of residual vacancy for the years 2007, 2008 & 2009 will be filled up. As per rule, GDS officials will get first chance to be absorbed in these posts. The last date for submitting application for these posts is 3rd September 2010. If prescribed form is not available at any place, an application in plain paper with bio-data will also be accepted as valid. Divisional Secretaries are to ensure that all eligible GDS officials are informed about this opportunity. The Ch PMG has also requested us to publicise the matter widely.
  3. If any division notices that its residual vacancy has not been declared for filling up, the divisional authority should immediately attract the attention of the Regional PMG & Ch PMG through FAX. The divisional secretary will intimate the Circle Union about the situation.  
  4. The Ch PMG has intimated that the Directorate has been addressed to approve filling up 2005 residual vacancy posts. If approved, such posts will be filled up. Presently, it is totally uncertain.
  5. For the years 2009 - 2010, 371 posts are going to be filled up by Annual Direct Recruitment (ADR). Among these, 19 posts will remain reserved for relaxation appointments. On the strength of the information supplied by the divisional secretaries, the Circle Union demanded that the ADR vacancies should be much more. The Ch PMG partly agreed that there may be few aberrations. He informed that during the video conference with the Secretary (Posts) last Thursday, he requested her to extend the timeframe to correct the errors, but she precisely rejected.
  6. Nearly 350 LSG posts are vacant in this Circle where P.A.s are officiating. If promotion was effected to the eligible officials, the ADR vacancy in P.A. cadre would be doubled. We demanded his personal intervention. He assured that the promotions will be approved shortly and the vacancies would be filled up by the year 2011.
               The situation being such, it is our observation that if we remain rigid about the residual & ADR vacancies, the entire process will be hampered and that will be detrimental to the interest of the Circle. We requested the Chief PMG to see that such type of irregularity does not recur in future.
               Our further line of action will be discussed and decided shortly.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dear Comrades,
                                   Our Federation & CHQ have served strike notice alongwith 10-points charter of demands to the Directorate on 17th August 2010 for participation in the strike called by nine Central Trade Unions on 7th September 2010. Alike rest of the country, all trade unions are actively pursuing several kinds of campaigning program explaining the significance and importance of this glorious united movement against the Neo-Liberal anti-labourer economic policy adopted and being propagated by the Congress-TMC led Central Government.
                                Accordingly, the West Bengal Circle Unions call upon all Branch & Divisional Unions to serve strike intimation with charter of demands to the respective unit heads on 20th August 2010. Please inspire and move to assemble as maximum comrades as possible to observe huge demonstration on that day and popularise the cause and need of this struggle ----- the first of its kind in independent India.
                                    The copy of the strike notice & charter of demand is given below. Please submit it to the Divisional Head with a forwarding intimation letter.



In accordance with the provisions of Sub Section (1) of Section 22 of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, we hereby notify that all the Postal/RMS/MMS/Administrative & Postal Accounts Employees and the Gramin Dak Sewaks will observe one day General strike on 07.09.2010. The Charter of Demands is enclosed herewith.


K.V.SRIDHARAN                                                                   ISHWAR SINGH DABAS
GENERAL SECRETARY P3[NFPE]                                  GENERAL SECRETARY P4 [NFPE]

GIRI RAJ SINGH                                                                                 P.SURESH
GENERAL SECRETARY R3 [NFPE]                                 GENERAL SECRETARY R4 [NFPE]

PRANAB BHATTACHARJEE                                                       P.RAJANAYAGAM


Charter of Demands

1. Price rise of essential commodities to be contained through appropriate corrective and distributive measures like universal Public Distribution System and containing speculation in commodity market.

2. Concrete proactive measures to be taken for linkage of employment protection in the recession stricken sectors with the stimulate package being offered to the concerned entrepreneurs and for augmenting public investment in infrastructure.

3. Strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without any exception or exemption and stringent punitive measures for violation of labour laws.

4. Steps to be taken for removal of all restrictive provisions based on poverty line in respect of eligibility of converge of the schemes under the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act 2008 and creation of National Fund for the Unorganized Sector to provide for a National Floor Level Social Security to all unorganized Sector workers including the contract/casual workers in line with the recommendation of National Commission on Enterprises in Unorganized Sector and Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour.

5. Disinvestment of shares of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) is not resorted to for meeting budgetary deficit and instead their growing reserve and surplus is used for expansion and modernization purpose and also for revival of sick Public Sector Undertakings.

6. Fill up all vacant posts and lift the ban on recruitment and creation of justified posts.

7. Stop outsourcing/contractorisation of Governmental functions

8. Regularise all Gramin Dak Sevaks daily rated workers/employees. Remove the ceiling on compassionate appointments; end the discrimination in the bonus ceiling of GDS employees.

9. withdraw PFRDA bill and extend the statutory defined benefit pension scheme to all Government employees

10. Guarantee right to strike as a fundamental right of employees.


Sunday, August 8, 2010


Dear Comrades,
                               As per the programs declared from the Extended Circle Working Committee dated 31st July / 1st August 2010, huge demonstrations are to be organised at all divisional headquarters &amp ; Units on 10th August 2010 at recess hours. A memorandum should be sent to the Chief Postmaster General, W.B.Circle from the demonstration. Circle Unions have finalised the memorandum. Please prepare your memorandum accordingly. On the basis of these demands, a massive demonstration will be organised at Circle Office on 17th August 2010. The demands are produced below.    FAX IT TO CHIEF PMG AT NO.  033-22120811.

           You may add major demands of your division with the following. 

NFPE Group of Unions
.....................................  Branch / Division   
West Bengal 

         This joint demonstration of NFPE Group of Unions of ............................ Branch / Division expresses its deep concern and anguish over the administrative reluctance and apathy regarding different staff welfare issues raised by our different tiers of organisation. This demonstration also condemns the tendency of the administration of all levels of exerting pressure and threat for achieving different targets even by means of irregular and manipulative ways. Negligence to settle legitimate staff-claims and requests for various benefits in one hand and excessive workload and pressure on the other, have made the work environment a nightmare. This demonstration does not have adequate word to further condemn the visible administrative ruthlessness and disregard of rulings to unleash huge quantum of punishment on our members only for minor honest errors and even for no errors also.

          The situation being so, this demonstration vows not to allow the administration to continue their maligned actions uninterrupted and places the following demands for accepting in a time-bound manner, otherwise a never-before wave of trade union actions will be launched circle-wide, for which the administration will remain solely responsible.
  1.   Immediate revision of wages of the Part-Time & Contingent paid workers with effect from 01.01.2006 alongwith effect of periodically due D.A.s.
  2. Ensure payment of 60% arrears of GDS Pay commission in all divisions & units in West Bengal without further delay.
  3. Immediately ensure filling up all GDS (in B.O.s & S.O.s) and departmental vacant posts. All relaxation cases have to be approved irrespective of any discrimination.
  4. Immediately fill up the vacancies in LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I cadres and implement  MACP  fast & correctly in all divisions & units.
  5. Remove all administrative lagging to eradicate the monstrous volume and hazardous pattern of work in RPLI and NREGS. Arrange to introduce Biometric card for job-card holders in NREGS for paper-free and accurate payments and logs.
  6. Arrange to immediate disposal of all pending Rule-38 transfer applications favourably as far as practicable and count the vacancies generating from such cases in the vacancies for the years 2009 & 2010.
  7. Immediate implementation of DG(Posts) order like providing full strength staff to Project Arrow offices with necessary realignment of delivery beats, mails and other work without leaving any staff overloaded. Stop manipulations to show 100% delivery to achieve 100 score in KPI and stop harassing System Assistants and other staffs.
  8. Ensure periodical meetings with the staff side at all levels at prescribed intervals.
  9. Stop ordering discriminating and biased suspension, punishments etc. against the staffs.
  10. Immediately accept the demands placed by NFPE Group of Circle Unions in West Bengal Circle for actions regarding North Presidency & Alipore H.O. Administrative anarchy in Murshidabad & Darjeeling divisions should be halted immediately.
  11. Adopt strong & exemplary action against political intrusions in our offices. 

Friday, August 6, 2010


        The Circle Union has learnt that the NB & Sikkim Regional Administration has taken an irregular effort to show an increase in number of computerised offices by ordering usage of a client computer as a server. The PMG (NB & Sikkim Region) has been requested to clarify the justification and authority of the order, as well as all divisional secretaries have been instructed to ensure non-implementation of the purported order  in haste.

        The system assistant comrades of the region are requested not to take up the work till the Circle Union gets a clear picture of the situation and hold a united stand in the region.
           Copy of the letter of the Circle Union (No. PC - 61 / Computer   dated  31.7.200) has been sent to the divisional secretaries for guidance and action in the same line.

        The Circle Union has learnt that the NB & Sikkim Regional Administration has taken an irregular effort to show an increase in number of computerised offices by ordering usage of a client computer as a server. The PMG (NB & Sikkim Region) has been requested to clarify the justification and authority of the order, as well as all divisional secretaries have been instructed to ensure non-implementation of the purported order  in haste.

        The system assistant comrades of the region are requested not to take up the work till the Circle Union gets a clear picture of the situation and hold a united stand in the region.
           The letter of the Circle Union is reproduced below for guidance and action in the same line.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


            Before the commencement of the strike preparation program, we were amidst a series of programs on circle level demands and a timeframe was also given to the Circle Administration to resolve the issues. As the present circle administration still remains more or less indifferent in the same way, the Extended Circle Working Committee on 31st July & 1st Aug 2010 held that we are constrained to resume the movement through a fresh set of programs.

            Accordingly, the following programs along with others declared by Confederation, CGCC etc. are given below :  
  1. On 7th September 2010 industrial strike jointly called by central trade unions like CITU, INTUC, AITUC, UTUC etc., every division is requested to hold working committee meeting / zonal meeting / general body meeting. Please intimate Circle Union dates of such meetings and also send reports of the meeting to us. Please also participate in programs of CGCC and 12th July Committee on the said strike.
  2. On 5th August 2010, Mass stay-in demonstration at Treasury Building, Kolkata. This is a program called by the Confederation. For this purpose, a meeting of the Circle Womens' Cell is convened on 3rd August 2010 at Tarapada Memorial Hall at 5 P.M.
  3. On 10th August 2010, tiffin-time demonstration at all branches / divisions on charter of demands. The charter and resolution will be given in this blog shortly. Those have to be sent to the Chief PMG.
  4. On 17th August 2010, demonstration at Yogayog Bhavan at 1-30 P.M. Comrades of Kolkata & neighbouring divisions will take part in it. The date for demonstration at North Bengal Regional Office will be decided from the NB Zonal meeting to be held on 22.8.10.
  5. On 22nd August 2010 ----- Second Circle Zonal Committee Meeting of NB Region at Coochbehar. The venue will be declared later. 7 divisions of North Bengal & Sikkim will take part.
  6. From 14th September 10 A.M. to 17th September 2010 6 P.M. ----- Relay Hunger Fast at the Circle Office and North Bengal Regional Office.    
                       Please ensure maximum involvement of all comrades to these programs by campaigning and meetings.