Tuesday, August 31, 2010


           The Group-C Circle Union Team has met the candidates selected and trained under the PA cadre vacancies for the years 2006-2008 but denied appointment due to vigilance inquiry, alongwith their parents at Tarapada Memorial Hall today in two sessions. Around 40 candidates and 20 parents from different divisions were present in the discussion. 
         Our comrades know that the Circle Union delegation has met the Chief PMG on 23rd August 2010 in an elaborate discussion on Residual & ADR vacancies and the complication over the halt on appointment of these freshers.
         The Chief PMG has also met few candidates and a parent on the next day, i.e., on 24th. But his approach and views have frustrated them rather than assuring for a expedited justice.
         The Circle Union's views and the position are explained in following points for knowledge and necessary guidance of all organisers.

  1. The Chief PMG has intimated that he would send his findings to the Directorate very shortly. He has found 'some irregularities' in the recruitment procedure. He has suggested the candidates to apply for the new vacancy declared without bothering for the 'past'. While meeting the Circle Union he did hold almost same stance over the issue.
  2. The time required to conclude the inquiry cannot be confirmed now. The Chief PMG has reportedly told the candidates that 'before November, nothing will come out'. Circle Union, at this stage, cannot say anything. After the report of West Bengal Circle Office reaches the Directorate and the observation of the Dte. is obtained through the All India Union, we can have an idea.
  3. Although the candidates and their families are unhappy over the announcement of vacancy for 2009-10, the Circle Union has made it clear that there is no bar in the departmental recruitment rules which restricts the department from announcing vacancy for the following year even if the recruitment of earlier year is not settled conclusively. Apart from that, the divisional & Circle Unions have put immense efforts and toil to obtain the vacancies. So, the Circle Union would not ask the department to stop the recruitment procedure for 2009-10. It is badly required to bring some relief for the existing staffs. From broader social perspective also, we cannot prefer to keep some more youth jobless by objecting the recruitment procedure.
  4. The Union is equally anxious and demanding earliest settlement of the complication. Seeking relief from Court is a prominent question that is coming across many minds. The Circle Union does not discourage anyone or rule out the question, but we think that this moment is not appropriate to proceed legally. As the report of West Bengal Circle is reaching the Directorate, the department would pray for more time from the Bench and there is ample possibility of getting extended time. To establish the deprivation effectively at the court, we should wait for a reasonable time and watch whether the department comes out with a conclusion. If nothing comes out within a reasonable time, only the case of the applicants will be strengthened.
  5. It is only possible to say how much time can be regarded as 'Reasonable' after we get an idea from the Directorate. At this stage, we can assure that we shall remain with the candidates under any circumstance and will assist them with any ruling or paper if needed to justify their claim.
  6. A question has come up as the Chief PMG has hinted possibility of cancelling the entire panel. At this stage, even the Chief PMG does not know the fate of the inquiry, so it cannot called more than a rumour now. However, we can commit that if anything drastic happens, the Circle Union go upto any level including legal resorts with the candidates.
  7. Meanwhile, the Circle Union has again written to Com. K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary (CHQ) to pursue the matter vigorously. We are also actively considering to take up trade union programs with the candidates & their families. Divisional Secretaries should keep closest contacts with them regularly.     
                Comrades, Circle Union requests you all to remain very serious about the issue and related developments. We are in knowledge that a section inside our department is trying to bring in political influences for quite different purposes. To counter this malice, we should sincerely remain with the deprived candidates and bear their sentiments with extreme care considering their vulnerable state of mind. Those who involved in corruption should be punished, but everyone cannot be held at stake for misdeed of a few. We vouch to come out of this situation with justice for the innocent youngmen.

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