Monday, August 23, 2010


    A Circle Union delegation has met Chief PMG Sri Subhasish Sarkar today in a meeting scheduled to discuss the unresolved complications relating to filling up of P.A. vacancies in West Bengal Circle. The delegation was comprised of Comrades Tapan Dasgupta, Janardan Majumdar, Samir Bardhan, Nirmal Dey, Pranab Bhattacharya (G.S., Admin Union), Sanjay Chakraborty & Dyutiman Mukherjee. The delegation has been equipped with the information on sanctioned & physical strength in PA cadre as on 31.3.2009, promptly supplied by most of the Divisional Secretaries (except Barabazar H.O., Alipore H.O., PSD Kolkata, Murshidabad).
          The outcome of the discussion is briefed below for information of all comrades and necessary actions on relevant points.

  1. The Chief PMG has admitted that due to administrative lapses of different tiers, a sizable number of vacancy in P.A. cadre has been irreversibly lost, which could have been corrected if action was taken timely. He informed that during the period of 2001 - 2004 due to wrong calculation a good number of residual vacancies were lost. According to the ruling position of the Directorate, it is a closed chapter. No further rectification is possible.
  2. Presently, 182 posts of residual vacancy for the years 2007, 2008 & 2009 will be filled up. As per rule, GDS officials will get first chance to be absorbed in these posts. The last date for submitting application for these posts is 3rd September 2010. If prescribed form is not available at any place, an application in plain paper with bio-data will also be accepted as valid. Divisional Secretaries are to ensure that all eligible GDS officials are informed about this opportunity. The Ch PMG has also requested us to publicise the matter widely.
  3. If any division notices that its residual vacancy has not been declared for filling up, the divisional authority should immediately attract the attention of the Regional PMG & Ch PMG through FAX. The divisional secretary will intimate the Circle Union about the situation.  
  4. The Ch PMG has intimated that the Directorate has been addressed to approve filling up 2005 residual vacancy posts. If approved, such posts will be filled up. Presently, it is totally uncertain.
  5. For the years 2009 - 2010, 371 posts are going to be filled up by Annual Direct Recruitment (ADR). Among these, 19 posts will remain reserved for relaxation appointments. On the strength of the information supplied by the divisional secretaries, the Circle Union demanded that the ADR vacancies should be much more. The Ch PMG partly agreed that there may be few aberrations. He informed that during the video conference with the Secretary (Posts) last Thursday, he requested her to extend the timeframe to correct the errors, but she precisely rejected.
  6. Nearly 350 LSG posts are vacant in this Circle where P.A.s are officiating. If promotion was effected to the eligible officials, the ADR vacancy in P.A. cadre would be doubled. We demanded his personal intervention. He assured that the promotions will be approved shortly and the vacancies would be filled up by the year 2011.
               The situation being such, it is our observation that if we remain rigid about the residual & ADR vacancies, the entire process will be hampered and that will be detrimental to the interest of the Circle. We requested the Chief PMG to see that such type of irregularity does not recur in future.
               Our further line of action will be discussed and decided shortly.

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