Sunday, August 8, 2010


Dear Comrades,
                               As per the programs declared from the Extended Circle Working Committee dated 31st July / 1st August 2010, huge demonstrations are to be organised at all divisional headquarters &amp ; Units on 10th August 2010 at recess hours. A memorandum should be sent to the Chief Postmaster General, W.B.Circle from the demonstration. Circle Unions have finalised the memorandum. Please prepare your memorandum accordingly. On the basis of these demands, a massive demonstration will be organised at Circle Office on 17th August 2010. The demands are produced below.    FAX IT TO CHIEF PMG AT NO.  033-22120811.

           You may add major demands of your division with the following. 

NFPE Group of Unions
.....................................  Branch / Division   
West Bengal 

         This joint demonstration of NFPE Group of Unions of ............................ Branch / Division expresses its deep concern and anguish over the administrative reluctance and apathy regarding different staff welfare issues raised by our different tiers of organisation. This demonstration also condemns the tendency of the administration of all levels of exerting pressure and threat for achieving different targets even by means of irregular and manipulative ways. Negligence to settle legitimate staff-claims and requests for various benefits in one hand and excessive workload and pressure on the other, have made the work environment a nightmare. This demonstration does not have adequate word to further condemn the visible administrative ruthlessness and disregard of rulings to unleash huge quantum of punishment on our members only for minor honest errors and even for no errors also.

          The situation being so, this demonstration vows not to allow the administration to continue their maligned actions uninterrupted and places the following demands for accepting in a time-bound manner, otherwise a never-before wave of trade union actions will be launched circle-wide, for which the administration will remain solely responsible.
  1.   Immediate revision of wages of the Part-Time & Contingent paid workers with effect from 01.01.2006 alongwith effect of periodically due D.A.s.
  2. Ensure payment of 60% arrears of GDS Pay commission in all divisions & units in West Bengal without further delay.
  3. Immediately ensure filling up all GDS (in B.O.s & S.O.s) and departmental vacant posts. All relaxation cases have to be approved irrespective of any discrimination.
  4. Immediately fill up the vacancies in LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I cadres and implement  MACP  fast & correctly in all divisions & units.
  5. Remove all administrative lagging to eradicate the monstrous volume and hazardous pattern of work in RPLI and NREGS. Arrange to introduce Biometric card for job-card holders in NREGS for paper-free and accurate payments and logs.
  6. Arrange to immediate disposal of all pending Rule-38 transfer applications favourably as far as practicable and count the vacancies generating from such cases in the vacancies for the years 2009 & 2010.
  7. Immediate implementation of DG(Posts) order like providing full strength staff to Project Arrow offices with necessary realignment of delivery beats, mails and other work without leaving any staff overloaded. Stop manipulations to show 100% delivery to achieve 100 score in KPI and stop harassing System Assistants and other staffs.
  8. Ensure periodical meetings with the staff side at all levels at prescribed intervals.
  9. Stop ordering discriminating and biased suspension, punishments etc. against the staffs.
  10. Immediately accept the demands placed by NFPE Group of Circle Unions in West Bengal Circle for actions regarding North Presidency & Alipore H.O. Administrative anarchy in Murshidabad & Darjeeling divisions should be halted immediately.
  11. Adopt strong & exemplary action against political intrusions in our offices. 

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