Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Joint Struggle on the issue of Postmen / Group D

Joint Struggle programe call by NFPE & FNPO ( Postmen & MSE / Group D ) 

As per the decision taken by Central JCA, NFPE & FNPO ( Postmen & MSE / Group D ), JCA of West Bengal has been formed on 5.7.2013 by the leadership of both P-IV Union (NFPE & FNPO ). Joint sitting demonstration and hunger first  programe was held successfully in front of  the office of the Chief PMG, West Bengal Circle  Yogayoge Bhawan, Kolkata on 09.7.2013.

 All the section of postal employees will wearing the demand badge on 23rd and 24th July 2013 during the office hours for supporting the struggle call by Central JCA as well as JCA of West Bengal. Poster and Badges are being sent by the Circle Union to all the Divisions for success this program at base level by the Group of NFPE.  

Postal Co-ordination Committee ( NFPE )
West Bengal

Revised Incentive Structure of MGNREGS