Saturday, September 20, 2008

Circle Union sends Note on Cadre restructuring for System Administrators for discussion during Federal Executive

NFPE has been requested by the Directorate to place formal proposals on different issues generated through the 6th Pay Commission. The Circle Union has prepared an exhaustive note on cadre restructuring / separate cadre for the System Administrators. The Computer Sub-Committee has assisted the Circle Union in the process. The note has been mailed to NFPE and the CHQ. Federation is expected to take a stance over the issue among the others.
This Federal Executive is going to be a very significant one for the issues to be discussed and decided. The notice and the agenda are available with the observations of the Secretary General at the NFPE blogsite


Calcutta Postal Club, founded by our legendary leader, Babu Tarapado Mukherjee, is celebrating its 100 years this year. Our comrades are always in knowledge of the heritage of the Club. The Centenary celebration committee has arranged an evening with cultural programs of difference. All are requested to remain present in the centenary celebration evening on 22.9.2008 at University Institute Hall, College Street.


All the Divisions and Units in West Bengal Circle have been reported to observe the Strike Declaration Day on 19.9.2008 with huge enthusiasm and success. Also savingrams have been sent demanding raising the bonus ceiling to Rs.3500/- as per amended bonus act. Congratulations to all of our fighting comrades for the spirit. Now it is time to get prepared for the Indefinite Strike. In the present perspective of globalisation and consistent attack on the working class, it is a significant challenge we are going to face.
Let us combat the effort of making the world unipolar
by the unity of the working class.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Federation Leadership Meets Member (P)

Dear Comrades,
Our Federation leadership has met the Member (P) in a formal meeting today to discuss different issues developed under the perspective of 6th Pay Commission. The situation has aggravated as the report of Natarajamurthy Committee for GDS Employees is being delayed beyond justification. The report, as sources say, is expected in October 2008. Federation has decided and called upon our entirity to demonstrate our protest against this delay during the program on 19th. Please ensure sending the Savingram to The Secretary, DoP.

However, the other issues in the discussion covered aspects like implementation of 3 ACP scheme, fixation of higher grade pay to TBOP/BCR Postmen/Mailguard, cadre restructuring with special reference to separate establishment / cadre with higher pay scale for System Administrators & M.E.s, provoding fixation benefits to PO/RMS Accountants etc. Federation has been requested to formulate and submit proposals in writing to the Department, which will be finalised from the Federal Executive on 22nd this month.

West Bengal Circle Unions are aware that there is a widespread exchange of anticipation regarding acceptance of 3 ACP. NFPE will convey its decision in writing to the department as it derives from the Federal Executive on 22.9.2008. We enourage efforts to draw rational conclusions and suggestions by this time, but please do not indulge in spreading guesses. Feel free to communicate your opinions to

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Employ Our Entire Strength To Make The Demonstrations Of 11th And 19th September 2008 Huge Success

The West Bengal Circle Unions have called upon to hold a recess hour demonstration on 11.09.2008 in all divisions and units demanding settlement of 8 point charter of demands on circle level issues. The text of the savingram has already been sent to our divisional leadership.
The Federation has called upon to hold powerful demonstration on 19.09.2008 on the demand of raising bonus ceiling to Rs.3500/- with other demands. Savingram to be sent to Finance Minister as " ANNOUNCE IMMEDIATE ENHANCEMENT OF BONUS CEILING TO ALL CG EMPLOYEES AS PER THE AMENDED BONUS ACT " .
Also the Confederation has called to observe the day as 'Strike Declaration Day' and popularise the 18 point charter of demands. The charter is available at .
Our comrades are requested to employ fullest strength to make these programs successful.


The Department has issued orders for 'Re-introduction of Short Duty Staff Scheme' vide No.37-40/2007-SPB-I dated 14.08.2007. The age limit is 65 years. But such engagement is restricted to peak hour traffic in postal and RMS offices when workload is more than 50% of normal load. In addition during seasonal spell of work like Christmas etc also they can be employed. The engagement is permissible for a maximum of 5 hours continuously per day or two spells of 3 hours per day but not more than 60 hours per person per month. Rate of remuneration is Rs.16.40 at present but reviewed as and when the PA/SA scale is revised. They should not be engaged in cash handling and sensitive work.

This orders are released due to the constant approach of the General Secretary P3 [NFPE] for engagement of SDPAs against acute shortage as was agreed upon during the indefinite strike withdrawal negotiations held between the Department and the Staff Side in April 2007.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New patch for calculation of arrears and pay fixation

Dear Comrades,
New patch for calculation of arrears and pay fixation for Meghdoot Accounts software is available from PTC, Mysore at . This is an addition of Meghdoot Accounts software. Download and install to calculate.

Arrear is expected to be paid in September'2008

Dear Comrades,

The order for payment of new pay scale and arrears has already been issued and despatched from C.O. on 09-09-2008.