Monday, May 11, 2020


   A resolution should be placed and adopted from tomorrow's demonstration program at all divisions at the call of the circle union.

……………………….  Division
………………….., Pin - …………………..
Resolution dated 12.05.20
This massive demonstration  held on 12th May, 2020 in front of .........................Divisional Office, under due maintenance of lock down rules,  under the banner of NFPE affiliated unions of ....................Division unanimously resolved to express massive resentments against the unexpected anti-staff actions which are being taken by the top to bottom Postal authorities amidst the ongoing alarming situation of COVID-19 pandemic.      
  While with the realisation of the unprecedented gravity of the situation Postal Employees and Workers including GDSs are fighting against the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to serve the nation at the risk of their lives at that time Authorities are issuing various arbitrary and autocratic orders some of which are inviting more risks for the lives of Postal Staffs under this pandemic, some are intended to hammer the fundamental rights and basic interests of the Postal staffs and some are even more dangerous and are intended towards step by step corporatization of the DOP risking the job security of Postal staffs.
        Our staffs are being pressurized to increase number of AePS transactions and to open IPPB accounts in r/o each and every employees including GDSs although both of said works requires handling of biometrics. Delivery staffs are being forced to make 100% doorstep deliveries against the ethics of lockdown. All business offices are being instructed to carry out bookings of all types of normal articles in addition to booking of essential goods, bulk medicines, pension papers etc. from BNPL customers. Some Divisional Authorities are issuing orders towards mandatory opening of ‘salary account’ with IPPB Limited by each and every employees including GDSs In absence of any such order from Directorate level, Circle level and Regional level. Process is going on towards opening of CSC (Common Service Centre) counters at Post Offices with the intention to corporatize DOP step by step which will definitely put the job security of Postal Staffs at risk.
        Only keeping own selves ‘safe and secured’ Postal Authorities are trying to restore normal Postal services absolutely neglecting the security/preventive measures for the lower level staffs and treating them as sacrificial items.
This massive demonstration unanimously resolved to record its vehement protest against all the aforesaid autocratic and arbitrary unilateral actions of the Postal authorities and demands immediate halt in said actions.
The demonstration further resolved to demand immediate fulfillment of following justified demands which are the need of the time.

Demands :-
1.   (A) Regular sanitization of all Post offices/RMS offices, mail vans and of vehicles carrying Postal staffs. Articles/Article Containers received from foreign and other states should invariably be sanitized before its receiving by Foreign Post and RMS offices.
       (B) Regular supply of PPE (Gloves, N95 Masks, Hand Sanitizers etc.) for the staffs on duty.
2. Immediate stoppage of doorstep delivery of items other than Medical equipment and medicines.  Immediate stoppage of function of Business Office. 
3. Immediate stoppage of pressurizing for AePS transactions and for IPPB Account opening.
4. Immediate stoppage of steps towards opening of CSC (Common Service Centre) counters at Post Offices.
5. Immediate arrangement of payment of all due wages of the casual labors and DRMs engaged in the Department for the entire period of lockdown in accordance to MoF’s guidelines in this regard. All Casual Labors/DRMs should be provided with identity cards mentioning that they are performing essential services in Department of Posts.
6.  Immediate stoppage of any Steps towards mandatory payment of salary of employees and GDSs through IPPB Account.
7.  Arrangements for mandatory COVID-19 test of all Postal staffs rendering their services in these days of COVID-19 pandemic.
8. In no circumstances any mail guard official should be entrusted with duty beyond eight hours.
9. Immediate compassionate appointment of one of the dependent family member of Late Abul Hasan, Ex-MTS, Foreign Post, Kolkata who died in harness on 18.04.2020 being affected by COVID-19.
10. Immediate withdrawal of all the unjustified and illogical disciplinary cases initiated/finalized during this lockdown period on flimsy grounds only to serve the motivated intensions of the respective disciplinary authority. e.g. case of Smt.Beata Tirkey, Ex Supervisor Barabazar HO (now in North Kolkata Division) and some cases of Dinajpur Divn.

It has been unanimously resolved in the demonstration that if Postal authorities does not put a halt in their aforesaid anti-staff actions and if the authorities fails to fulfil the above demands in no time in that case these Unions will be compelled to launch strong trade union action under due maintenance of ‘social distancing codes’ for the sake of staffs as well as for customers, responsibility thereby will definitely be developed upon the Authorities.

                                                                                                 Presidium of the meeting
Copy to :-
1. The Chief PMG, WB Circle, Kol- 12.
2. The PMG, ..... Region, ..........
3.  The SSPOs/SPOs, …………………………….. Division, Pin - …………………………..
4.  The Secretary General, NFPE, New Delhi- 8