Tuesday, August 28, 2018


NFPE Group of Unions
All India Postal Employees Union GDS
.......................................................... Divisional Branch

RESOLUTION  DATED  28.08.2018.

            This mass demonstration notes with most serious concern that a section of administration in West Bengal Circle has actually taken a stance of undeclared war against NFPE and its leaders, activists and members in different divisions and wings. They are taking unncecessary and unwarranted actions to demoralise our staff-members and create a panick-stricken work environment to conduct their business, while the present situation in the department demands more cordiality and coordinated action between the administration and the staff. Today’s demonstration is taking an exceptionally grave note of the information learnt that recently, the SSRM, Kolkata Airport Sorting, has filed a FIR against our Circle leaderships for their visit to that office for an organisational program, where they were no dislocation, disruption of service or violence. Such aggressive, unethical and unprecedental stand of the administration of Kolkata AP Stg and at other places is totally unacceptable to our organisation and this leads this demonstration to resolve to place the following demands to appropriate auhorieites.

1.      Withdraw all FIRs in RMS/Postal Wings against our leaders and members related to trade union issues.
2.      Start an inquiry/probe against the present SSRM, Kolkata AP Stg, for rude and unparliamentary behaviour to a lady official as well as to the President, R-III union, Kolkata AP Stg Branch.
3.      Immediate transfer of the present SSRM, Kolkata AP Stg for his irregular, unethical and partial activities and to restore normal work environment there.
4.      Stop politicalisation of a section of Postal/RMS administration for the sake of ethics and better coordinated service of the department.

(President of the meeting)

Copy to:
1.      The Chief PMG, West Bengal Circle, Kolkata-12.
2.      All PMsG in West Bengal Circle.
                                    ------ through proper channel. 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Notice for CWC Meeting of AIPEU Gr-C, WB Circle will be held on 18/08/2018 at Baruipur ( Dak Andolan Bhawan) at 10.00 AM .