Monday, July 29, 2019


                  Draft copy of Resolution and Charter of demands are given below for today's program. You may add a separate charter of demands for your division with it. Please send these to the Regional PMG and Chief PMG, W.B.Circle. Share photos of your program in your blogs and social media.

NFPE Group of Unions
All India Postal Employees Union GDS

__________________________________ Division


               This mass demonstration, being held at the call of the NFPE Group of Circle Unions, expresses its serious concern and grievance over the administrative inaction and apathy regarding different staff problems in this circle, raised and communicated by these unions from time to time by several means. It has been observed that there have been quite a few number of problems which could have been resolved or eased out if the circle administration was not indifferent towards the difficulties of the staff.

               This demonstration resolves to place a charter of demands on the burning problems of all cross sections of postal employees and demands immediate effective action on each of the demands by the administration. It is further resolved that if no visible and effective action is taken within a reasonable period of time, intense trade union movement will be launched across the circle.

                                                                                                                (President of the demonstration)  


Charter of Demands adopted by stay-in demonstration dated 05.03.2018.

1.     Stop implementation of Nodal Delivery System and functioning of NDC in the name of centralized delivery, thus collapsing the entire delivery system.
2.     Set right the problems related to CSI and Finacle. Ensure fast and consistent data connectivity, functioning of NSP-2 at all offices and provide stable server support. Resolve accounting problems in CSI connected with McCamish, IPPB and eMO. Install RF Towers at all offices with weak network availability and resolve the issues at TNF offices realistically. Provide proper infrastructure for CSI in RMS establishments.
3.     Set right the problems of RICT. Replace the 2G devices and SIM cards with 4G compatible ones immediately. Supply sufficient buffer devices in running condition.
4.     Ensure proper discharge of duties by RDA and SPOCs in CSI and RICT. Provide adequate training to all officers and staffs. Publish SOPs for all modules.
5.     Stop harassment of lower level officials in the name of achieving unrealistic targets and curbing service facilities and benefits entitled to them illegally on the plea of non-achievement.
6.     Stop curbing trade union rights. Arrange for regular periodical meetings and posting of chief executives at headquarters in bigger offices. GHrant special CL as per rules in different postal, Kolkata AP sorting and MMS, Kolkata divisions.
7.     Fill up all GDS and departmental posts immediately. Avoid combination of duties beyond rules and sanction claims of GDS officials in time-bound manner. Allow GDS officials to appear in examination for PA/SA recruitment as surplus qualified candidates.
8.     Ensure regular payment of wages to DRM and contingent-paid workers. Stop outsourcing of postal work through contractorisation. 
9.     Hold DPC regularly for granting MACP timely to all officials and grant promotion to staffs when actually due.
10.      Scrap the plan of decentralization of officials working in DA(P) offices in divisions/elsewhere curbing service conditions.
11.      Ensure promotion of MMS drivers Grade-I, Grade-II, Special Grade and skilled Artisans Grade-I, Grade-II and also in all selection grades.
12.      Endure discussion with union side before implementation of new plans/projects. Discuss operation of Parcel Hub and E-commerce Hub at Siliguri.
13.      Maintain status quo in Kolkata Air Foreign operational job under establishment of Kolkata RMS division.
14.      Drop the move of amendment of PA/ C.O., PA/ SBCO recruitment rules.
15.      Dispose off all disciplinary cases, especially Rule-9 cases, and appeal cases pending at R.O.s, in time-bound manner. Stop victimizing staffs for trivial and insignificant aberrations for creating panick and thus hampering normal work environment. 

                                                                                                  (President of the demonstration)