Monday, November 30, 2009


After discussions with Member(O) on 27th & 28th and with Secretary (P) on 29.11.2009, the Postal JCA has agreed upon not to serve strike notice now.
Although the details of the minutes of discussions are yet to be available, the decision has been made to postpone the indefinite strike after the agreement arrived at the bipartite meeting to maintain status quo regarding merger of the establishment of RMS offices. Some specific cases will also be reviewed by the Directorate.
In our circle, Chief PMG will be requested to review the mail volume once again in those offices merged recently like Bandel and Barasat to ensure the agreement in spirit upto 10000 mails only would be merged.
Separate meetings will be held regarding other demands placed by the RMS & MMS unions. 
The West Bengal Circle Unions congratulate all comrades for united preparation for success of the proposed strike. Please carefully follow up the proceedings as if the Directorate deviates from the agreement, we would have to jump in action with a short notice.  
Our organisers will please note that all strike campaigning programs stand cancelled now, including memorandum to the Governor on 3rd December 2009.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


At the call of the All India Postal JCA, a memorandum will be submitted to the Governor of West Bengal on 3rd December 2009. Copy of the memorandum is available at the NFPE blogsite (

According to the decision of all Circle Unions from the meeting of 26.11.2009, branch & divisional unions have been allotted with the required number of comrades to be present in the rally towards Rani Rasmoni Road, Kolkata. The rally will start from Yogayog Bhavan at 2:00 P.M. sharp.

The allotments are reiterated below for reference. Comrades are requested to employ maximum organisational force to make the program a huge success.

Kolkata G.P.O.     ---  400

South Kolkata       ---  400

Central Kolkata     ---  300

North Kolkata       ---  200

South Presidency    --  200

North Presidency   ---  200

Barasat                  --- 200
Nadia South           ---   50
Nadia North          ---   50

Howrah                 --- 100

South Hooghly       --- 200

North Hooghly      --- 100

Burdwan               ---   50

Tamluk                 ---   50

Midnapore            ---  50

Contai                  ---   50

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The Postal Coordination Committee (a body of all Circle Unions federated to NFPE in West Bengal) has declared, through its circular no. 5 dated 22.11.2009, the programs on the ensuing indefinite nationwide strike of RMS & MMS unions at the call of All India JCA from 15.12.2009. The programs are ----

  1. On 26.11.2009 evening ---- a joint office-bearer committee meeting of all circle unions at Tarapada Memorial Hall. Divl Secretaries of Kolkata are also requested to remain present.
  2. Within 30.11.09 ----- All Branch & Divisional Unions should hold an emergent working committee / activists meeting .
  3. On 02.12.09 ----- strike campaigning and intimation submission at all RMS / MMS Branch & Divisions.
  4. On 03.12.09 ----- March to Raj Bhavan. Comrades of Kolkata city divisions as well as Barasat, North & South Presidency, North & South Nadia, North & South Hooghly, Howrah, Tamluk, Burdwan and Midnapore Divisions have to participate in the program in massive numbers.
  5. 04.12.09 to 12.12.09 --- gathering and campaigning at all big offices.
  6. On 10.12.2009 ----- central gathering at Kolkata G.P.O. at 4:00 P.M. Speaker --- Com. K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary (CHQ), Postal Group-C.
  7. 14.12.2009 ----- Gate meeting with slogans and public campaigning at all big offices.
  8. Preparation should be taken to observe any type of solidarity program in other wings of the department than RMS / MMS.
  9. On the above perspective, the demonstration programs from 15.12.2009 at the C.O. and R.O. has been kept in abeyance. Revised dates will be declared later.
  10. The attack on RMS / MMS is an attack on the whole postal system. Leadership of all levels should employ total organisational force to strengthen the unity to counter the attacks with appropriate campaigning and regular contacts with the circle unions.

Monday, November 23, 2009


The All India Technology Seminar in New Delhi on 21.11.2009 has come out as a program of remarkable success. 321 comrades working as system assistants, or other designations as the department refers to them as a device to exploit, attended the seminar from all over the country. The seminar was held at the 'Bapuji Samaj Sewa Kendra' near Delhi Circle Office.

NFPE presented a work paper which reflected the actual situation of technology implementaion in the department, the lacking of planning and the fact that how the youth in the department is being made subject of tremendous torture. Postal Services Board member (Technology) Sri S. Samant and DDG(T) spoke in the seminar and presented the department's road map regarding implementation of technology in coming years. Later the delegates representing all the circles also addressed the audience one by one, followed by some other delegates also. Com. R.Krishnan, President Group-C (CHQ) presided over the meeting. Com. Giriraj Singh, G.S., R-III, Com. K.V.Sridharan, G.S., Group-C (CHQ), Com. Rajanayakam, G.S., DA(P) union also addressed the seminar to enrich the audience.

39 comrades from 28 divisions and branches of West Bengal Circle attended the seminar with the traditional discipline and synchronisation of our circle. Most of them witnessed a national level program organised by NFPE for the first occassion. Com. Debjeet Mukherjee (Central Kol, now attached to Circle Office) put some relevant questions before the Member(T) during interaction session, Com. Bijan Chakraborty (Convener, Circle Computer Sub-committee and Assistant Circle Secretary) spoke on the issues on behalf of the circle emphasizing on the points of formation of a separate cadre of System Administrators under a Circle level TECHNOLOGY WING headed by TECHNOCRATS instead of bureaucrats as well as importance of participation of system assistants in union programs. Com. Sankar Ghosh (Foreign Post) revealed an unnoticed venture of the department which already outsourced the Database management of Foreign Post to a private company.

It was clear from the deliberations of the Member(T) and DDG(T) that there is enough confusion inside the department regarding the course it would take in near future. It was also clearly notable that there is no reason to have an illusion that the department is truely sincere about the issues of the System Administrators. Although being asked categorically about the cadre and the functioning of 'ACCENTURE', the reply of the Member(T) was not informative. Sri Samant only commented that the scenario would be more clear after 6-9 months basing on the survey of Accenture and the interest of the present System Administrators would be secured. The Secretary General of NFPE, Com. K.Raghavendran was right in his conclusive speech that alike any other staff-welfare issue in the department, we need a sustained and united movement to achieve our demand of separate cadre for System Administrators. The seminar ended up with vote of thanks by Com. S.P.Mukherjee, General Secretary, Admin. Union.

The Circle Union likes our comrades to make a note of the attitude of the bureaucracy and it is the responsibility of the participant comrades to share their feeling widely in the Circle. There is no reason to be disappointed, rather, it is an appropriate time to evaluate things pragmatically and prepare for the ensuing fight against the oppression and exploitation. The Circle Union has itself contributed Rs.5000/- to the NFPE for organizing the seminar and conveys its thanks to all the branches and divisional unions for their contribution for successful participation of our comrades in the seminar.


The Circle Office issued an order on 12.11.2009 to initiate disciplinary action against 12 Circle Office Bearers of RMS Group-C union for sitting in a hunger fast at the C.O. on 03.11.2009 protesting merger of RMS offices. The order itself excluded the names of two Circle Secretaries (R-III & R-IV), although they also participated in the program, to differentiate among the staff-side from within.

But all the Postal Circle Unions federated under NFPE reacted instantly and vehemently against the order and all the divisions and branches sent a savingram in unison to the Circle Head on 18.11.2009 demanding withdrawal of the order. On 19.11.2009, all the Branch and Divisional unions under Kolkata City gathered in huge number at the C.O. to serve the Circle Head an ultimatum of 24 hours to withdraw the order dated12.11.09 unconditionally. Simultaneously, all the Divisions of Postal and RMS unions, Administrative union, DA(P) and DPLI unions ensured that entire staff-side proceeds to a circle-wide 'WORK-TO-RULE' and 'NON-COOPEARTION' from 23.11.09 --- Monday. All comrades working as system assistants on their way to New Delhi to attend the Technology Seminar convened by NFPE were communicated and also took their preparation to participate in work to rule on coming back. The CHQ and the Federation leadership apprised the Directorate of the obstinacy of the Circle Head.

Finally, feeling the heat of the situation and the overpowering pressure of the staff-unity, the Circle Head withdrew the order in the evening of 19.11.2009.

Comrades, we watch this retreat as a victory of the postal workers' unity and congratulate you all for the timely reaction and instant retaliation. Keeping the inaction of the Circle Administration in view, we are calling upon you to get prepared with all seriousness as we have put the Circle Administration under one month's ultimatum since 12th November 2009. Already programs have been declared for January 2010 if there are no visible action in favour of the staffs. So let us get ready for a bigger struggle.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


38 Comrades from our circle is participating in the ensuing seminar on 21.11.2009 at New Delhi organised by the Federation. System Administators, software developers, instructors and other comrades involved in various ways with the total computerisation project of the Department are starting their journey from West Bengal tomorow. Respective Divisional Unions are bearing the conveyance and delegation fees. The Circle Union is also contributing the Federation directly for organising the program.

The Circle Union will arrange an extended meeting of the Circle Computer Sub-Committee to share the experience of the seminar with all. The date will be declared later.