Monday, November 23, 2009


The All India Technology Seminar in New Delhi on 21.11.2009 has come out as a program of remarkable success. 321 comrades working as system assistants, or other designations as the department refers to them as a device to exploit, attended the seminar from all over the country. The seminar was held at the 'Bapuji Samaj Sewa Kendra' near Delhi Circle Office.

NFPE presented a work paper which reflected the actual situation of technology implementaion in the department, the lacking of planning and the fact that how the youth in the department is being made subject of tremendous torture. Postal Services Board member (Technology) Sri S. Samant and DDG(T) spoke in the seminar and presented the department's road map regarding implementation of technology in coming years. Later the delegates representing all the circles also addressed the audience one by one, followed by some other delegates also. Com. R.Krishnan, President Group-C (CHQ) presided over the meeting. Com. Giriraj Singh, G.S., R-III, Com. K.V.Sridharan, G.S., Group-C (CHQ), Com. Rajanayakam, G.S., DA(P) union also addressed the seminar to enrich the audience.

39 comrades from 28 divisions and branches of West Bengal Circle attended the seminar with the traditional discipline and synchronisation of our circle. Most of them witnessed a national level program organised by NFPE for the first occassion. Com. Debjeet Mukherjee (Central Kol, now attached to Circle Office) put some relevant questions before the Member(T) during interaction session, Com. Bijan Chakraborty (Convener, Circle Computer Sub-committee and Assistant Circle Secretary) spoke on the issues on behalf of the circle emphasizing on the points of formation of a separate cadre of System Administrators under a Circle level TECHNOLOGY WING headed by TECHNOCRATS instead of bureaucrats as well as importance of participation of system assistants in union programs. Com. Sankar Ghosh (Foreign Post) revealed an unnoticed venture of the department which already outsourced the Database management of Foreign Post to a private company.

It was clear from the deliberations of the Member(T) and DDG(T) that there is enough confusion inside the department regarding the course it would take in near future. It was also clearly notable that there is no reason to have an illusion that the department is truely sincere about the issues of the System Administrators. Although being asked categorically about the cadre and the functioning of 'ACCENTURE', the reply of the Member(T) was not informative. Sri Samant only commented that the scenario would be more clear after 6-9 months basing on the survey of Accenture and the interest of the present System Administrators would be secured. The Secretary General of NFPE, Com. K.Raghavendran was right in his conclusive speech that alike any other staff-welfare issue in the department, we need a sustained and united movement to achieve our demand of separate cadre for System Administrators. The seminar ended up with vote of thanks by Com. S.P.Mukherjee, General Secretary, Admin. Union.

The Circle Union likes our comrades to make a note of the attitude of the bureaucracy and it is the responsibility of the participant comrades to share their feeling widely in the Circle. There is no reason to be disappointed, rather, it is an appropriate time to evaluate things pragmatically and prepare for the ensuing fight against the oppression and exploitation. The Circle Union has itself contributed Rs.5000/- to the NFPE for organizing the seminar and conveys its thanks to all the branches and divisional unions for their contribution for successful participation of our comrades in the seminar.

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