Tuesday, October 25, 2011


           During the 35th Circle Conference, Com. K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary (CHQ) had an exclusive discussion with the comrades of different divisions of our circle working as System Administrators / Assistants and involved in the system in other undefined capacities. It is the stand of our Federation and a long-pending demand to create a separate cadre for them. The matter is also placed by our organisation in the Cadre Restructuring Committee.

                Com. Sridharan has explained that the department was not initially in favour of creating a separate cadre and arguing that it was not possible due to restraints laid down by DoPT & 6th CPC. But our organisation has pointed out that Postmaster cadre has been created by the department after 6th CPC. Instances have also been cited where in other departments such defined cadres exist with far better grade pay in the pay-band, but there are also defined criteria or qualification and recruitment procedure for such posts. So, it must be reviewed and decided by the Cadre Restructuring Committee. Our CHQ is well aware of the ordeal the SAs are going through, especially after increase in the number of Project Arrow and computerised offices and no increase in the number of SAs. It is requested by our organisation to wait for few more months to allow the Cadre Restructuring Committee to deal with it amicably. Decision of serious movement will surely be taken if the department shows no mentality within this time to consider the problem with appropriate merit which it deserves.

            However, there are other parameters also which are required to be attended to in the course of settling these issues. Our CHQ and Federation is consistently pursuing the issue to address the justified demands of the officials involved in the work related to the system.

            About 30 comrades who were present in the discussion are requested to intimate all other comrades. Our Technology Sub-Committee will also convene a meeting shortly.     

Friday, October 21, 2011


       The P.A.s came out successfully against the vacancies for the years 2005-08 has finally been appointed in all divisions subsequent upon department's decision to obey Hon'ble Kolkata High Court's judgement. It is much awaited and the news have been flashed for the first time from our Circle Conference on 16.09.2011.

          By this time, it is under knowledge of all staffs that receiving some allegations from different individuals towards intransparency and malpractices in recruitment process, their appointment was halted. But this was our apprehension that the malpractice was limited to only few cases which was finally established by court judgements also. But it was the Postal Directorate who chose to treat all cases with same merit and cancelled the entire panel. Then, it was our firm stance that the innocent candidates would be offered immediate appointment while the persons/officials involved in malpractices should be punished instantaneously and such identified appointments be cancelled.

              Our organisation arranged for repeated dialogues with the parents and the candidates, kept consistent liaison with them, wrote series of letters to the circle administration and to the All India Union and our Federation (NFPE) to pursue it with the Directorate, sent savingrams demanding immediate appointments of innocent candidates. Even after the judgement of the High Court, Kolkata, delegation of NFPE, West Bengal met the Chief PMG and strongly demanded their immediate joining, failing which, it was made clear to build up stiff protest/demonstration altogether the candidates and their family members at Yogayog Bhavan after the ongoing festivals. Our view was made clear once again through an 'open letter' to the Chief PMG, which was published in the August 2011 of our Circle Union journal -- 'Sangrami Dak'. There never was any lack of transparency regarding our view. Although some vested corners/organisations as per their inborn nature have continuously and unscrupulously tried to malign and condemn us only to degenerate our organisation. But we are happy and proud of these candidates only because ignoring all these propaganda against us most of them in every division are with us. This has encouraged and strengthened us to go on continuous persuasion till the last, and finally we achieved brilliant success.

             Moreover, among the three candidates ordered by Hon'ble High Court to be reviewed, one was Sri Aritra Konar, son of Sri Debashis Konar, our member since long belonging to RMS WB Division. When Com. Konar was influenced by others to proceed to court again, we insisted him to let his son face the review because we were confident of his merit. We are again happy that he has come out successfully from the review.

               We congratulate all the candidates for their spirit and sustained fight and wish them a prosperous and bright future. We also hope that their entry will obviously enrich our department as well as our organisation.             

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Martyr Column at Rittwik Sadan, Kalyani, venue of Open Session                                                                             

During the Open Session at Rittwik Sadan.
Suchetana, cultural team of Nadia South division performs.
    Vidyasagar Mancha, venue of Group-C conference.                                                                           

 Com. Shib Sankar Roy speaks to the delagation at subject session          

             The Circle Conference has come out with a grand success at Kalyani. Sincere but humble and disciplined arrangements made by the Reception Committee prepared the backdrop of the conference, and the determination of our secretaries and other delegates gave it the shape. Everywhere our organisers and activists are facing tremendous hostility and threat by political goons. But remarkably, that could not deter our comrades. The resolve was firm, and it was vouched clearly in the deliberations in our conference.

     The conference was inaugurated by Com. Tapan Sen, M.P. and General Secretary, CITU. Com. Pijush Roy, General Secretary, CGCC, West Bengal, Prof. Dr. Alok Bandopadhyay, Vice-Chancellor, Kalyani University, Sri Meghlal Seikh, Sabhadhipati, Nadia Jela Parishad, Sri A.K.Maity, SSPOs, North Kolkata Divn & Secretary, Officers' Association, West Bengal and many other prominent personalities of mass movement were present and shared their experiences and thoughts with the huge delegation in the open session on 16.09.2011 at Rittwik Sadan, Kalyani. 

         Our Chief Postmaster General was unable to attend due to his sudden illness, but through his message, he provided us the honour of choosing our platform to announce his decision to appoint all selected P.A. candidates but three, of 2005-08 batch, who won it at Hon'ble High Court few weeks back. Many of them were present in the session, they had a huge relief and the conference wished all of such candidates a luck of best prospect. 

         In the subject session at Vidyasagar Mancha (Com. M.K.Pandhe Nagar, Com. Jyotiprasad Chatterjee Mancha), Secretaries of 34 divisions/units have deliberated. 20 non-secretary delegates have also appropriately utilised the platform to deliver their thoughts, including 7 women delegates. It was an effort by the decision of the previous Circle Working Committee to focus on new speakers and leadership. Com. K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary (CHQ), Com. R.L.Bhattacharya, veteran leader and our revered teacher, Com. Shibsankar Roy, Jt. Convener, 12th July Committee and our beloved leader and teacher, Com. Partha Sarathi Das, our former Circle President and inimitable leader, were felicitated and laid down the roadmap to move ahead and inspired us. Com. Sanjay Chakraborty, Circle Secretary, R-IV, Com. Samir Bardhan, Circle Secretary, R-III, Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary, Administrative Union also visited the session and spoke to the delegates. Sri Sanjeev Ranjan, DPS (HQ), could make it in his busy schedule to be present on the third day and lay the true picture of the department and its toiling staffs. We are thankful to him.

                The conference has recorded a remarkable development in all divisions who have brought sets of young comrades under limelight. They are mostly below or around 30, their enthusiasm is sky-high, and did not amend even in front of threats to leave the banner of NFPE. We salute their spirit and also the secretaries, who are true carriers of the idealism and tradition of Babu Tarapada and Com. K.G.Bose.

        The conference has witnessed some rare moments with Com. Ashok Mondal, a devoted and dedicated leader of Postal movement and the Working President, Reception Committee. who is on the verge of retirement; with Com. Shib Sankar Roy, he has released the second volume of his book on the history of postal movement, 'Purano Sei Diner Katha' and gifted 100 copies for the emerging forces in the Reception Committee; with Com. Partha Sarathi Das, who would be always cited as an instance of sacrifice for the interest of postal movement all through his life. The Postal employees of past, present and future generations would always be grateful to the contributions of these great leaders.

             The new Circle Working Committee, elected unanimously, are as follows:
         President                :Com. Tapan Dasgupta (947324-55291).
        Vice-President        : Com. Debajyoti Gupta (98313-20498).
                                                   Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee(94340-14850)
                                         Com. Asim Deb (98303-12450)
       Circle Secretary      : Com. Janardan Majumder (94334-59963)
     Asst Circle Secretary: Com. Gouranga Deb Maity (94346-24100)
                                         Com. Somnath Goswamy (94331-67460)
                                                    Com. Nanda Sen (94340-73535)
                                                   Com. Bijan Chakraborty (98312-09684)
                                         Com. Asit Bangabas (94745-03392)
    Finance Secretary     :  Com. Manoj Shaw (94337-76200)
Asst Finance Secretary  :  Com. Anwesha Biswas (94345-06338)
   Organising Secretary  : Com. Samir Chakraborty (97326-88064)
                                        Com. Uttam Pal (94330-11925)
                                        Com. Sachchidananda Biswas (94772-32957)

                 The new committee seeks support and participation of all our members in the coming days to advance the history of glorious postal movement in West Bengal and India.